Let’s reveal the truth behind Armenia's 2015 Referendum 

Dear Friends:

Some people hide from the truth. Others actively seek it out. 
Shedding light on truth is the first step to overcoming the ills that are preventing Armenia from living up to its promise as a democratic republic under Rule of Law. The framework for achieving these ideals is the national constitution itself. 
Unfortunately, the recent referendum about making changes to the constitution shows that Armenia has once again taken an alternate route to voting—with outright fraud and systemic corruption. 
A failed electoral system: a serious detour on the road to democracy. 
Back in December, a referendum on reforming the constitution was tainted by numerous reports of corruption—from voter fraud and intimidation to ballot stuffing and more. 
So before we can even weigh the pros and cons of the new constitution, we need to remove the roadblocks to the truth about the referendum. Was it a YES vote in favor of a new form of government and numerous other amendments? Or a NO vote against the proposed changes?  

With your help, we can find out.

Please help Robert Davidian complete his next documentary.  

Time is running out to give documentary filmmaker Robert Davidian the necessary funding to complete a feature length investigative film about the constitutional referendum in Armenia.
Whatever amount you can contribute...$5000, $1000, $250, $100...$35...will help him put the pieces of Armenia's electoral puzzle together. Then comes the distribution through various platforms and channels to reach as many concerned communities as possible.

90 pages of text or 45 minutes of live action?

Here is the final report of the observation mission conducted by Citizen Observer Initiative and the European Platform for Democratic Elections, which evaluated if the referendum complied with the norms prescribed by the Venice Commission. It's 90 pages long and packed with charts and algorithms pointing to the referendum on Armenia's constitution as a failure. 
If you have the time and inclination to study it, I encourage you to read it. Then you won’t need to see this film. However, if you're not a political junkie or a statistician but care about the future of the Armenian homeland, then Robert's next documentary is a must-watch film—not only for you but also for all our communities in the diaspora and in Armenia. 

One man, one vote applies to Armenia too. 

Even those who downplay economic corruption in Armenia, typically comparing it with other countries, should take pause when it comes to corruption at the ballot box.
Votes that aren't off limits to corrupt forces turn out to be worthless in the eyes of the people. That's when political apathy sets in, providing an opening for authoritarian rule. 

There's no time to lose in helping Armenia get its elections right. 

Please take a moment now to give what you can to help Robert Davidian's documentary feature show us—if not the world—that Armenians are serious about finding the truth, facing the truth and taking appropriate action.

There's no time to lose to bring this compelling film to the public.

Robert Davidian is eager to tell the story of how the constitution of Armenia was compromised by a botched referendum—rife with all manner of covert and overt tactics used to achieve a certain result. All the live footage that he shot before, during and after the referendum will serve as compelling content. Yet funds are needed to catalogue, translate, edit, mix and distribute what promises to be a powerful film to add to Robert’s impressive body of work.

That process begins with this film. Please donate today, so we can complete the film on an accelerated schedule and get the truth to the people without further delay. Please click here to contribute now.

If you have any questions, please contact me right away.

Cordially yours,
Ara Araz
Board Member | Justice Armenia 

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