Celebrating the top 10 impact highlights from 2015.
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Dear Jack,
As this year draws to a close, we wanted to share with you our top 10 highlights from 2015 -- and thank you for being a part of the inspiring and growing movement of environmentally responsible investing that is building a healthier and more sustainable world. 

Here's the first half of our Top 10 of 2015 List (we had so many exciting things to include, we had to break it into two!)
10. Renewable energy outpaced fossil fuels

Solar power tripled in the United States in the last two years - and the world is now adding more renewable power each year than new capacity for fossil fuels.1

Green Century investors are helping fuel this rapid rise through investments in companies such as First Solar,* which is helping build the largest solar plant in Latin America, and Google,* which just announced the single largest purchase of renewable energy by a non-utility, in an effort to get to 100% clean energy by 2025.2
Solar Panels on Roof
9. More than 500 institutions divested from fossil fuels...

More than 500 institutions representing over $3.4 trillion have made commitments to divest from fossil fuels. That's up from $2.6 trillion and 400 institutions in September, and includes new pledges from Allianz,* Europe's largest insurance company, the London School of Economics,3 and the Field Museum in Chicago.4
Leslie Samuelrich speaking at Harvard Heat Week
Green Century's President, Leslie Samuelrich, speaking at Fossil Free Harvard's Heat Week
8. ...including California's two largest pension funds
After months of pressure, including grassroots activism from members in California and lobbying by Environment California, CalPERS (California Public Employees Retirement System) and CalSTRS (California State Teachers Retirement System) agreed to divest from coal. Together, these two pension funds represent nearly $500 billion in assets.5

Green Century testified in support of this and other divestment bills in Sacramento, San Francisco, and Boston this year. 
Erin Gray testifying in Sacramento
Green Century's Erin Gray testifying in support of the divestment legislation in June. 
7. Protecting Bees and Chickens

For the hens that lay the 120 million eggs that Panera* uses each year, life just got a little bit better. In November, Panera agreed to use only cage-free eggs.6 Green Century had urged the company to abandon eggs produced through the cruel practice of caged hens, where hens are packed together in crates so tightly they are unable to even spread their wings. This practice is both inhumane and unnecessary, and investors (and consumers) welcome Panera's decision.

Meanwhile, bees caught a break this year, too. While Green Century turned up the pressure on Pepsi,* our partners at Environment New York and Environment Texas helped convince Home Depot* to phase out a type of pesticide7 that is 6,000 times more toxic to bees than DDT.8 Good news for bees and crops. 
Bee on sunflower
Bee on Sunflower by Thangaraj Kumaravel via Flickr
6. Keeping life-saving antibiotics effective 

Green Century Capital Management's non-profit owners -- the Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) -- helped convince McDonald's* to use only antibiotic free poultry, and then pressured Subway* to stop serving all meat from animals raised with antibiotics. 

When the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 23,000 Americans die every year from antibiotic resistant bacteria, and we know that over 70% of all antibiotics used in the US are given to livestock, we know we need to celebrate this win and get right back to work on agricultural, animal, and public health issues.9
MASSPIRG helped convince McDonald's to stop serving poultry raised with antibioitcs
MASSPIRG's (Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group) Andrew Fish speaking at a press event during the campaign to get McDonald's to drop poultry raised with antibiotics.
Thank you, again, for helping to make these victories possible, and stay tuned for part 2 of our Top 10. 


Leslie Samuelrich
Green Century Capital Management
1 Tom Randall, "Fossil Fuels Just Lost the Race Against Renewables," Bloomberg Business, April 14, 2015.
Tom Huddleston, Jr., "Google's Latest Renewable Energy Investment Is Its Biggest Ever," Fortune, December 3, 2015.
Blair Fitzgibbon, "Divestment Commitments Pass the $3.4 trillion Mark at COP21," [Press Release], Common Dreams, December 2, 2015.
4 Katharine Bagley, "Science Museums Cutting Ties to Fossil Fuel Industry," Inside Climate News, November 16, 2015.
Anita Chabria, "California passes bill forcing biggest pension funds to divest from coal," The Guardian, September 2, 2015.
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*As of September 30, 2015, First Solar, Inc., Google, Inc., McDonald's Corporation, Panera Bread Company, PepsiCo, Inc., and the Home Depot, Inc., comprised 0.36% and 0.00%; 1.83% and 5.21%; 0.00% and 1.33%; 0.70% and 0.00%; 0.00% and 1.95%; and 0.94% and 0.00% of the Green Century Balanced Fund and the Green Century Equity Fund, respectively. Other securities mentioned were not held in the portfolios of the Green Century Funds as of September 30, 2015. References to specific securities, which will change due to the ongoing management of the Funds, should not be construed as a recommendation by the Funds, their administrator, or their distributor.
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This information has been prepared from sources believed to be reliable. The views expressed are as of the date of this writing and are those of the Advisor to the Funds.

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