Dear Friend, The Herb That Kills Cancer Cells In Hours
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The Herb That Kills Cancer Cells In Hours

Dear Friend

The BUDWIG CENTER is excited to bring you yet another very effective anti-cancer remedy called Artemisinin.  In just 4 weeks Donald’s tumors were gone after consuming Artemisinin.  Diane with stage IV breast cancer goes into remission and Carol with unsightly, massive open, and oozing cancer in her whole left breast explored nearly every option she could for two years, then she started an artemesia derivative and one month later showed exceptional healing.
Artemisinin is a natural Chinese herb that aggressively fights cancer.  In a recent study published by Life Sciences, it was found that artemisinin (the derivative), coupled with Iron, can kill 98% of breast cancer cells in 16 hours. 

Donald, a 47-year-old mechanic who is in great shape had a newly diagnosed lymphoma and came to see Dr. Rowen just after his oncologist had biopsied the tumor. There was an ugly egg-sized mass on the left side of his head with a gaping hole from the biopsy and an angry redness from inflammation.

Here is what Robert Jay Rowen M.D. reported: “Immediately put him on a derivative of this Chinese herb, and he took it for two weeks. At the end of that time, the lump developed a little depression in the center, but the perimeter had grown just slightly. Dejected that it didn’t significantly regress, he elected to stop further use of the product and take a “wait and see” approach. Four weeks later, I received a call from Donald. The tumor was gone! Returning with his wife and a big smile a few days later, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The skin was smooth, no mass was present, and the angry redness was fading fast.

At about the same time, I continued to follow a long-term patient, a delightful 47-year-old female with stage-4 breast cancer. Diane was diagnosed only two years before with the promise of “we got it all” at her mastectomy. When she came to me, she had developed metastases in her spine, which caused her to limp. A cancer-induced fracture in her vertebrae gave her significant pain and prevented her from performing the duties of her job. All the conventional doctors could offer was full-dose chemotherapy at a horrific toll on the quality of her life, but they also confided honestly that there was no hope it would lead to a cure. She chose alternatives instead, receiving insulin potentiation therapy (IPT), high-dose nutritional therapy, dietary changes, dendritic cell vaccine, multi-step oxygen therapy, and more. All of her symptoms regressed, but the CT showed no change. After a short course of artemisinin derivatives, she reported back to me that physically she couldn’t tell she had ever had cancer. She felt totally well. The CT scan showed regression, but there was no way to tell if the remaining lesion was a tumor or healing scar tissue. Results like this with absolutely no toxicity are simply amazing by any standards, convention or unconventional.

Carol came to see me with an unsightly, massive open, and oozing cancer engulfing what had been her whole left breast. She had been fighting the cancer for two years and, convinced on her own that doing conventional therapy was a death sentence, she explored nearly every option she could. She started an artemesia derivative and sent me photos one month later showing exceptional healing.”

To date, with the exception of patients very near death, taking artemisinin or derivatives have stabilized, improved, or remitted every cancer patient that Dr. Rowen followed.  Artemisinin also has remarkable anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic properties. They also found that artemisinin cures malaria almost 100 percent of the time.


What Is Artemisinin?

Artemesia or Artemisinin is a simple plant that grows in Southeast Asia and it goes by different names, such as sweet wormwood, absinthium , armoise , wermut , absinthe , absinthites , ajenjo , pelin otu , aci pelin , ak pelin , buyuk pelin , vilayati afsanteen, qinghaosu, mugwort or Artemisia annua.  It has been used it for years to treat intestinal parasites.

The World Health Organization lauds it as a safe malaria treatment. Drs. Henry Lai and Narenda Singh, bio-engineering professors at the University of Washington, reported on the active agent of this Asian herb, artemisinin and reported:  it “might provide a safe, non-toxic, and inexpensive alternative for cancer patients.” 


How Does Artemisinin Destroy Tumors?

Some seven years ago, Dr. Lai, aware of the high accumulation of iron in cancer cells and his colleague, Dr. Singh, conducted experiments in laboratory cancer cells documenting a 100% kill rate of breast-cancer cells in just hours. More importantly, it left normal breast cells and white blood cells unscathed. It has an intermediate half-life, is very safe, and also can cross the blood-brain barrier, which is very important in treating Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the most common and most aggressive malignant primary brain tumor.

Cancer cells have an unusual high level of iron and in order to reproduce cancer cells need more iron than normal healthy cells.  Artemisinin works well in an iron rich environment. Artemisinin works by releasing an avalanche of free radicals when exposed to an oxidizing agent like iron. The free radicals attack and kill iron-rich cells. Since cancer cells tend to contain much more iron than normal cells do, they are particularly attractive to artemisinin. When exposed to cancer cells artemisinin gets activated and sends out free radicals that attack those cells, destroying the cancer in the process. When the artemisinin products contact the iron – boom! A huge burst of free radicals is unleashed, virtually blowing up the cell harboring the free iron and destroying the malaria parasite and cancer virus. 
Before starting the artemesia therapy, it would be most important to test your iron levels (ferritin – normal range serum ferritin normally ranges from 12 to 150 ng/dL while men range from 12ng/dL to 300ng/dL, or nanograms per deciliter and a normal hemoglobin ranges from 11.1g/dL to 15g/dL.).  Also, CBC, reticulocyte count, liver function test, TIBC, ESR, C reactive protein, and appropriate tumor markers. If the iron load is low, supplementing iron for a few days can be considered prior to starting artemisinin by consuming ½ cup of liquid chlorophyll (sold in most Health shops).  Excessive iron levels are not healthy and so additional iron supplements would only be recommended if you score low iron levels.

Cancer’s resistance to common chemotherapy drugs shows no such resistance to artemisinin. It does not have the chemical structure a cancer cell requires to develop resistance! (This was reported recently in the International Journal of Oncology 18; 767-773, 2001 by Efferth, et al.)
Dr. Hoang of Hanoi of Vietnam, whose family of physicians has been using artemisinin for about 10 years to treat cancer has reports that 50 to 60 percent of 400 cancer patients have achieved long-term remission utilizing artemisinin together with a comprehensive integrative cancer strategy.

Dr. Singh is currently following many cancer patients. While not reporting remissions or apparent cures, he says all patients are responding and have at least stabilized. He has found no type of cancer unresponsive to Artemisia derivatives in his studies

Dr. Hoang recommends treatment for two years. Cancer could be like the malaria parasite. If just one cell remains, it can find its way back. Thus, as in malaria, although the parasite is cleared in a few days, prolonged treatment best prevents relapse. And, the beauty of this treatment is that it is non-toxic, so you can continue taking it indefinitely with no expected side-effects.


3 Things To Keep In Mind

1) Artemisinin cannot be taken simply on its own.  You need to combine it with certain specific foods for it to absorb properly.

2) Not all Artemisinin supplements are ‘created equal’ and therefore only the ones that have been tested and approved will give the proper results.

3) No artesminin should be taken within 30 days of radiation therapy because of possible free iron leaks to the surrounding tissues after radiation therapy.

Full Instructions on How to take Artemesia comes with every order.

Note: All BUDWIG CENTER programs include Artemesia supplements.


Product Concerns

Due to the increasing popularity of this product, the consumer should exercise extreme caution and buy only from the most reputable supplier. Only genuine and pure artemisinin should be used, and only buy from sources you are familiar with. There is tremendous variation in the potency of the herb warns Dr. Lam.

Since the herb comes from China and South-east Asia, proper quality assurance on purity and standardization is of tremendous importance. High-grade artemisinin must always be confirmed by independent laboratory analysis on a batch by batch basis to ensure consistence and purity. Not all Artemesia Herbs work.

Please note that many artemesia herb products are not the same as the concentrated forms of the derivatives we are talking about in this report. The highest concentration of artemisinin (the active agent) in the raw herb under the best conditions does not even get beyond one half percent. 

Furthermore, there’s concern by Dr. Singh that unscrupulous dealers will label artemisinin content without performing a proper analysis. Apparently some products have only 10 to 20% of anticancer activity against cultured cancer cells compared to pure artemisinin. The BUDWIG CENTER uses the Artemesia supplement that has been tested to be the most pure and potent form of Artemesia in our program.  Pure artemisinin provides hundreds of times more of the active constituent artemisinin than the whole herb itself.

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Although Artemesia offering very promising results, remember there is no ‘silver bullet’ that will miraculously cure cancer. Always a ‘comprehensive and holistic approach is needed such as the Budwig Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese/Quark, the RIFE TIME machine (destroys the cancer virsus), Detoxification (coffee enemas, FIR sauna, Rebounding), Essential oils to enhance the vibration of the cells and immune system, selected supplements based on a full body VEGA (Bio Resonance) test, proper diet, exercise, rest and emotional healing as in EFT (Tapping). When all these incredible therapies and remedies are used together it creates a synergistic power house in stopping  cancer in its tracks and destroying tumors in the shortest time possible!


When Artemisinin is tested with monkeys, they showed no toxicity when they received up to 292 mg/kg of artemether over 1 to 3 months. This is equal to a human dose of 20,000 mg for a 70 kg male (Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2(1):31-36 1982). In another study, there was also no sign of toxicity in over 4000 patients. This does not exclude possible cases of long-term cumulative toxicity, which is unknown at this time.

CAUTION: Not indicated for pregnant or nursing women. Long term administration (greater than 1 month) should be monitored by a healthcare practitioner and include liver enzymes and hemoglobin testing. Combining with antioxidants or iron may theoretically decrease effectiveness. Detoxification reactions may be experienced by some individuals. In rare cases may cause idiosyncratic liver dysfunction.

For further information on Artemisinin, please see the following links below.

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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At the BUDWIG CENTER we have a range of programs that we offer for both those with cancer or for those just looking to improve their overall health and well-being. We can provide you with three distance programs for you to do at home, or two clinical programs that are carried out here in southern Spain. Find out more via our programs page.

Many people send us their success stories using our program. If you have not been able to do so yet, please send us a short update on your condition so we can ‘spread the word’ on how effective the BUDWIG CENTER approach is.

We look forward to being of service to you.

All the very best.

Dr. Lloyd Jenkins, ND 
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