How to Design a Riverwalk

We've reported a lot of great news lately - The Willamette Falls Legacy Project partners have secured the easements and now the funds to begin the design, engineering and partial construction of the Riverwalk out to Willamette Falls - so, where do we begin? How do we get from a line on a map to an actual design that can be built?  Well, here's your step by step guide.  And guess what - we are already at Step 2!

Step 1: Send an invitation to design firms near and far
The partners released a request for proposals in January, seeking a premier multidisciplinary team to design the Riverwalk to Willamette Falls. The partners are seeking a collaborative, innovative and dynamic team that will take the vision for the Willamette Falls Riverwalk and make it a reality.  We advertised this opportunity internationally - even the Architect's Journal of the UK promoted it!  In February, interested firms toured the project site to gain insight and inspiration from seeing and feeling the power of the falls.

Step 2: Gather proposals
Proposals were due today, March 11, and we are chomping at the bit to finally crack them all open and read!

Step 3: Select the best of the best
A selection committee of representatives from the partners, owner, public, and design experts will select the best of the proposals, interview the top teams, and select the winning team later this spring.

Step 4: Unleash the creativity!
Once we nail down the workplan with the winning team, they will dive into the project beginning in July.  This is when you come in - the design team will seek your ideas and input, combine them with all of the technical aspects and requirements of the project, and devise a Riverwalk that fully realizes the four core values: public access, economic development, healthy habitat, and historic and cultural interpretation.
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