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Where does a Bad Saint go when they die?

If you ate at the hip, delicious Columbia Heights restaurant on Saturday, congratulations—you were their last customers. Proof positive that the hospitality business makes no sense, the #2 best new restaurant in the US in 2016 apparently couldn’t make things work coming back from the pandemic.


The Uber Files

You buy a ride, Uber buys a politician. Over one hundred thousand files leaked to The Guardian reveal that the gig-economy superpower’s rise is not a free-market phenom but an operation maintained by fickle policy and finite VC cash. Texts and emails display revolving doors between Uber and politicians, anti-worker lobbying, and acts of desperation as rides decline. 


The battle for Beach Drive

Following a recent environmental assessment, the National Park Service is proposing to close off 4.3 miles of Beach Drive to cars during just the summer months to free up space for recreationists — the pedestrians, skaters, and cyclists now forced to limit their revelry and commuting to just three months. NPS says it’s the “compromise position” after rejecting a proposal that would have blocked car traffic year-round


WMATA is broke

Despite experimenting with strategies to increase ridership and bring in the money, the Metro is still short a few hundred million dollars. With no more federal or local relief forthcoming, WMATA is eyeing fare hikes, layoffs, and drastic service cuts starting next July to keep up with operational costs. Under a mindset of austerity and refusal to raise taxes, it's unclear whether these moves will fix their budgetary woes, but they’ll still have to address dwindling public trust amidst recent security and management failures


Black ballerinas

A delightful story: "For decades, Jones-Haywood has been quietly teaching hundreds of Black D.C. youth in the art of ballet. In recent years, that effort has grown into a collective of teachers across several schools.


Also || When flying is a failure, Beal’s loyalty: only 10th NBA player with no-trade clause, VA immigrant detention center where hundreds died of COVID settles, remembering Washington Color School pioneer Sam Gilliam, are you the hero Petworth needs, what it’s like to do a storytelling event for the first time

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Emergency & You

What is dead may never die

“Join the Sierra Club DC Chapter Zero Waste committee for a discussion about composting in the District: what individual residents can do, and what we can do together as a city.” (6:30 pm)


Bilingual Baseball Story Time / Hora del Cuento de Béisbol Bilingüe

Come join the Postal Museum for a bilingual story time featuring themes from their new baseball exhibit. (11am)


Bands and Open Mic Stans - live music at The Pocket 

Open mic night hosted by the GinnyHill Project is tonight at The Pocket! Walk-ins are welcome and spots fill up fast. Proof of vaccination required. (7:30pm)


Anacostia Riverkeepers 

Learn about the Anacostia River’s history, wildlife, environmental threats it faces, and solutions helping it realize its full potential. (6pm)


Get a little Shakespearean

…At the National Building Museum! You can enjoy themed daytime festivities at the Playhouse before heading to the great hall for the opening night performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. (8pm)


Also || tunes: Foxing, totem pole ceremony, tunes: Steve Von Till (Neurosis), yoga at the Wharf, The Winter’s Tale

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