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Let’s do lunch

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*TikTok voice* Random household quarantine purchases that just. make. sense.

For those fortunate enough to have had some disposable income during lockdown, some purchases — whether bought on a whim or to support a budding quarantine hobby — may be looking stranger as the months drag on. As for this writer, there are zero regrets about the bright red Western-inspired shirt dress with tassels that has yet to see the light of day.


We asked, you answered: teleworking

Some of us love it, some of us hate it. So we asked you what you think, and what your ideal teleworking setup is. Opinions are mixed and, sometimes, colorful: “I don’t want to work with my spouse in the house!”


Uneasy forecasts for restaurants this winter

Restaurants are staring down the last stretch of warm-ish days for outdoor dining, and supplies for retrofits are dwindling (“heaters are the new hand sanitizer”). Some are mentally preparing for an “apocalyptic wave of closures” post-December despite the $4 million grant program to help around 660 restaurants prepare for winter dining.


“There are two DCs”

The pandemic hit DC revenue less than expected, but it’s also expected to hit 2021 worse than officials originally feared – initial estimates assumed restrictions could be lifted by July, and, well. Councilmember Allen is renewing calls for higher taxes on high-earners to make up the difference, since cuts to services hurt the populations already most affected by COVID.


Council campaign rundown

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Emergency & You

Ticket, please! 

The Washington Monument is reopening for visitors. The 555-foot memorial has been closed since March due to the pandemic. Timed-entry tickets will be required to enter the Washington Monument, which is set for a seven-day-a-week schedule. A maximum of 10 minutes will be allotted per group in the observation level. 


Tour a pandemic archive, then contribute

DCPL’s Archive This Moment initiative is collecting “the District’s stories of COVID-19 from the viewpoint of the people who experienced it,” capturing first-person testimony as well as ephemera from the locked-down DC. Dig through the archive here and learn how to submit here.


Watch Residue

In his debut feature, a New York Times Critics' Pick, director Merawi Gerima tells the story of a Black man returning to Q Street where he grew up, and finding the neighborhood mere remnants of what it once was, upended by gentrification and unfamiliar inhabitants. Available on Netflix.


Reminders from the Weekly Scheduler

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