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Winter’s a beech

There's beauty even in this cold, sometimes harsh season. Know where to look with our seasonal tips for appreciating the winter blooms and nature’s preparation for spring around our city-not-a-swamp. These include winterberries at the Botanic Garden, beech (“Rock Creek’s rockstar”) and winter cherry blossoms! Check out the interview at the end with local urban forester Cece McCrary.


In memoriam: a city’s artist

To try and “capture a city in perpetual motion” requires a keen and curious eye, and Jason Polan, an illustrator who died on Monday, had two of the keenest, kindest ones. He was known for sketching “Every Person in New York,” in which he set out to draw the titular goal (and got to about 30,000). Embrace the streets and its citizens as he did. 


It’s OK to delete us

You might have heard about the climate cost of all those servers; by the end of the decade, data storage will take up 8% of all energy usage. About 94% of that goes towards storing data no one is using, creating a vast “cyber landfill.” 

Cars off Market

In a visionary step, San Francisco’s Market Street will be off-limits downtown for private vehicles (that includes rideshares) starting next week. 


Beary smart

Two sloth bears at the National Zoo are also star students: a study in Animal Cognition documents them being trained to snort at their favorite foods. (!!!) 

Also || Nats top NL offseason spending, new Warhol/WPA arts grants, time to “close the door,” shell companies are hiding their assets in US real estate, MPD x Nextdoor advances the convergence of policing, racism, and surveillance capitalism!

You’re not the problem. It’s the diet.

Women diet 130 times in their lifetime. Wasted money and emotional energy. There is another way to be healthy and enjoy food. Enroll in the Food Sanity Program today.


Errata: Placemaking at HBCUs

[we listed this for yesterday, but it’s today!] The Architects Foundation gathers at the Octagon to talk about how architecture and design can create a supportive environment at the schools that produce almost one in five African-American college graduates. (5:30pm


Looking ahead: Whitelaw’s 100th

For those who have snickered at the name, turns out the Whitelaw Hotel was actually Good. Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the historic hotel that hosted Duke Ellington, Langston Hughes, and several black organizations during the Jim Crow era, with a moderated panel discussion. (February 6)


Reminders from the Weekly Scheduler

Also || outraged embroidering | “iron cages” closing | morning talks: a more perfect union | a night of syllables | talk: radical acts: Marcel Duchamp at the hirshorn

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