Wake to Washington

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“The haunting in Ward 2”

The ghost, to some, is Jack Evans reincarnated with Brooke Pinto. Her head-scratching primary win in June made her the incumbent after his resignation, and she’s now running for a full term. Opponents point to her campaign finance violation investigation, and her policies fall to the right of independent challengers like Randy Downs and Martin Miguel Fernandez. 


Mystics arena is now a super vote center

In a reversal, Events DC, the city’s events and convention authority, will offer Entertainment & Sports Arena in Ward 8 as a super vote center for the election. Communities had criticized the lack of a super vote center east of the Anacostia River; other centers include Capital One Arena, Nats Park, and Dock 5 at Union Market. 


MPD sheds Black officers

According to an interactive NYT story, our police force lost Black officers at a rate more than twice as high as any other major US city—a 6.5% decline from 2013-2016. The force has been whiter than the city since 2007, and "research is mixed" on whether a diverse force reduces tensions.


A Streetcar Named Corruption?

DC overpaid the prime contractor for the NE streetcar to the tune of $5 million, according to the inspector general. The overcharges seem to stem from DDOT’s less-than-ideal billing practices; their managers relied on the contractor to verify the accuracy of invoices for payment. 


Radiation on the river

Nuclear power needs water for coolant. Between Alexandria and Woodbridge lies Fort Belvoir, where the Army’s Atoms for Peace program once built a small nuclear reactor, the first ever connected to the US commercial electricity grid. Shut down for decades, the question remains: What do you do with one of these?


Washingtonians react to Taylor verdict

"It just shows you that Black lives don't matter," said a local protester in the wake of acquittal on all serious charges for the killers of Breonna Taylor, a woman shot in her own home.

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The Whole World in a Coffee Cup

RĀKO Coffee Roasters focuses on bringing single-origin coffees straight to your front door with fresh roasts from Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Sumatra. Go ahead, explore a little!


Emergency & You

March for all feminists

Roll call! Who’s coming? Women’s March is planning a nationwide march on October 17th, encouraging all to rise to the urgency of this moment. Feminists around the nation and world will show up to carry on the fight for justice and equality that the notorious RBG led for so long. Make a pledge


An ~ambient walk~ through DC

Take a virtual stroll through rainy DC from Farragut to Adams Morgan and see if you can spot your street. If you want to lean into the wanderlust, take a walk through the dozens of downtown meanderings on this YouTube channel. 


Literally just talking to new people

Hello Neighbor is a project to help you meet new people through meaningful conversations. RSVP to this virtual hangout where you and a few others in a breakout room will talk about questions pulled from a crowdsourced deck. To keep the conversation flowing, only RSVP if you can stay until 9pm. (7pm)


Reminders from the Weekly Scheduler

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