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Amid relative peace, Delta touches down

Coronavirus cases and deaths have reached their lowest levels since the pandemic began. DC’s daily case rate is just below 2 per 100,000 residents, and only one resident died between July 2-5. But vaccine inequality persists, and unvaccinated residents are especially at risk of severe bouts of illness from the new variants that have sickened more than 100 in the DMV.


Sighing over Snyder

More meddlesome than the average billionaire sports franchise owner, Dan Snyder must have known about the team’s treatment of women -- hell, there’s a million-dollar settlement out there that suggests he might have been, hm, involved in it? But one lesson of last week’s NFL report that fined the team -- not Snyder -- $10 million: There’s no such thing as accountability for certain people.


What Elsa has in store

Tropical Storm Elsa will creep up the Eastern seaboard today, likely dousing DC with a tumultuous but limited spray of evening rain -- but more vicious storms could hit the Chesapeake.


Beat about to drop at Capital Turnaround 

If you’ve ever cruised around Navy Yard you remember the Blue Castle -- next to the Brig beer garden and Dog-Ma doggie daycare, it’s hard to miss. Come August the location, a former Navy Yard Car Barn, will be Capital Turnaround, an 850-person new nightlife venue with a promising future -- including, fantastically, a chance to “Bang on the Drum” with Todd Rundgren.


Let's get metaphysical

730DC's Nina Kanakarajavelu takes her skeptical self on a visit to a very vibey North Bethesda mall to get her aura photographed, tracing this millennium's New Age obsessions back to Spiritualists, Scientologists, and her own childhood.

Also || How museums worldwide memorialize COVID, “men and women in transport live in different worlds” + efficient transit is good for economic growth, lumber is pricey and so affordable housing is expensive, how to build a socialist machine for DC politics

Errata: Yesterday we misstated a slogan on pre-"Taxation Without Representation" DC plates, which should have been the very classy-sounding "Celebrate and Discover."
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Emergency & You

Giveaway with Little Wild Things Farm

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Introducing “Inside the Wardrobe”

Twirl around Design Foundry’s interactive exhibit featuring outfits and accessories made by designers across the country. What to expect? “A posh tea room with Georgetown cupcakes made of felt, a pedal-bike-powered dry cleaner, and a Parisian plaid zone with a carousel” (all day)



Learn about “Indigenous culture through music, film, dance, storytelling” all weekend long. Kick off the celebration by shopping for unique artists' market finds at the REACH. (6pm)


Give a cookbook, get a cookbook

Recommend If You Like hangs out at ANXO and gives you a chance to trade Ottolenghi for Nosrat, or the other way around, while sipping cider. (6 pm)


Also || Marvel trivia, #NiUnaMenos, talk:  Pulitzer Prize-winning Post photographer Lucian Perkins, movie: goonies

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