Wake to Washington

Know your city

A cool return

The stultifying urban heat island effect can supercharge normal summer days, not to mention heatwaves, with Baltimore one of the country’s most affected locales. Investment to replace blacktop and other heat-absorbent materials with organic and reflective ones (think trees, green roofs, white paint) could cool the city by 4.5 degrees on hot days, making a 10x return over 20 years.


Park Police will not clear 11th & Mass NW encampment

“As many as 80 community members met for a heated, hours-long public meeting on Zoom, which unhoused neighbors struggled to attend. And local residents of the District, who lack congressional representation, fought for accountability from a federal law enforcement agency they don’t have any control over.”


Streateries struggle to stay out of the way

Everyone agrees streateries are a good idea—but for the 12% of adult Washingtonians with a mobility disability, more crowded sidewalks can be a burden and even a danger to navigate. “With so much more scattered on the sidewalks — tables, chairs and sandwich boards — getting around has become more difficult for people who are blind or have other visual impairments, as well as those who use wheelchairs, mobility scooters or walkers.”


How not to feel lonely in a big city

We’ve all been alone this past year. But being alone and feeling alone are different—and COVID, like social media, will change the experience of loneliness for the rest of our lives. Without the solidarity of being all in it together, we have to continue to recognize when we need to reach out to others—for ourselves and one another. 

Bus busted

A Metro shuttle bus (operating to bridge portions of the closed Green Line) crashed into a retaining wall near Fort Totten mid-afternoon yesterday, injuring 13 and the driver and another person critically. 

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Can you kick it? Yes, you can! 

Shaolin Jazz Salutes Sammo Hung to close out the Made in Hong Kong Film Festival. Tomorrow, watch Yes, Madam! as DJ 2-Tone Jones performs live on Twitch!



Emergency & You

No flub of pub grub

No one thinks of British food as highbrow. But the London Underground-themed Aboveground, a new stall in Union Market, features bangers and mash, sausage rolls, and mushy peas, “working class food that a Michelin-starred chef taught me how to prepare.”


No need for a laugh track

Because this one’s live: Washington Improv Theater returns to the studio with a real audience for a one-year anniversary show of Hold Up, with “Black performers dissecting literature in a way that wasn’t always comfortable in grade school.” (This week’s text: Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone; 7:30 pm)


I Alone Can Fix It

At Sixth & I, Nicolle Wallace interviews Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker on their entry into the litany of bestsellers offering a window into the Trump presidency’s chaotic final year. (For example, when a US general felt certain Trump was about to pull a “Reichstag moment”; 7 pm)


Shrek on the lawn

The Library of Congress is premiering their fourth annual summer movies on the lawn series, starting with Shrek! (6:30pm)


¡Viva Cultura!

This week the REACH is celebrating Latinx art and culture with live music performances, samba and merengue dance classes, and an Artesanias market featuring local artists. (7pm)


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