Wake to Washington

entrance music (for a day)

WCP goes monthly

The venerable Washington City Paper announced that their newspaper will shift from weekly editions to monthly. The reason is due to “plummeting ad sales and lost event revenue” that have resulted from the pandemic. 

Smithsonian reopenings

Today, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History and the National Museum of the American Indian will reopen with new health and safety measures. Hours of operation will be reduced, and visitors will be required to reserve timed-entry passes to enter.



Some 1 in 5 (!) DC commuters say they’ll continue to telework at pandemic levels, and employers are anticipating continuing telework at current levels. Our team is already divided – some of us are team #teleworkforever, some of us miss biking to work and coffee breaks, some of us miss work-socializing and would do it 2-3 times a week... now we want to know, what do you think?


The field for at-large is...large

There are two at-large seats available in the coming election. Incumbent Robert White would seem to have one locked up. That leaves another seat reserved for a non-Dem to replace outgoing independent David Grosso. Now, candidates are drawing comparisons and endorsements with existing CMs: Christina Henderson says she’s pragmatic and progressive like Charles Allen (or like her boss Chuck Schumer? 😬), and Ed Lazere (Silverman, Nadeau) and Marcus Goodwin (Gray) have pocketed endorsements and begun sniping at one another

The green that helps with the blue

The city is investing tons of money in stormwater management, a key part of climate resiliency. But overall, the area covered by impermeable surfaces is still too high, making our recent flooding worse. Residents can help by installing rain barrels, rain gardens, green roofs, and demanding minimal paved surfaces in new developments. 

Also || New “neo-Neapolitan” pizzeria in Shirlington, Capitol Hill food hall to get a new beer garden and taco spot, prepare to live outside this winter Norway-style, Juan Soto’s career home run chart is a thing of balance and beauty

Ever wonder where your coffee comes from?

RĀKO Coffee Roasters is a women-owned coffee roastery in the DC area bringing you directly sourced specialty coffee from around the world. Order your beans right here today.



Emergency & You

We are not being invaded by the past

If you see some P-51 Mustangs, B-29 Superfortresses, and even a mammoth C-45 above the city, do not worry: It’s a flyover honoring the 75th anniversary of cessation of hostilities in WWII


Afropop in the Age of COVID

D.C. artist Joel Crooms has new work on display at VIVID Gallery in the Anacostia Arts Center, but you can see his work from your couch on Facebook Live today. “Afropop in the Age of COVID in the Years 2020 and Beyond” is his latest series of digital montage works. (6pm)


Women’s Food Fest

Through September 30, an assemblage of over 40 women-operated food businesses in the District are being highlighted with each restaurant offering specialized options to help each other survive during the pandemic. Expect happy hour deals, new multi-course menus, and more. (varies)


Friday tunes: Go-Go and rooftop drumming

Thanks to Steve Kiviat, DC music lover extraordinaire, for these tips:

Newfound quarantine anglers

We’re all evolving from sourdough bakes: DC residents have been taking up bait and tackle during quarantine as a new outdoor hobby. Hit up these top spots if you’re ready to get hooked. (varies


It’s like the High Line, but the Hi-Lawn

Union Market’s used their rooftop space for outdoor movies, dance-a-thons, and even professional tennis games. Now, they’re turning it into a green space with funky drinks and picnic baskets for purchase. (all day)


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