Wake to Washington

“The mind that is not baffled is not employed.”

Free Virtual Indigenous Cinema Festival 

This annual event celebrates the best in Native film. This year watch from home as the museum streams new films, fan favorite classics, and conversations with filmmakers. Check it out


We love a good mid-century modern

Real estate agents report that these simple, angular homes are going for 10-20% over asking. Why? They tend to “relate well to natural surroundings” and are favorites with a newer generation of homebuyers disdainful of faux-Colonial huge houses. 


Grab your umbrella

Rain and even flooding are coming our way over the next few days.


You’ll never work in this town again

The Trump Accountability Project wants to stop administration alumni from getting cushy private-sector gigs as they leave office, however wilfully. The Wall Street Journal predictably calls it a witch hunt, and let’s be real, these folks will all work at Heritage (or Trump News) in two years, but here’s to consequences. 


Batten down the hatches, crew. Rough seas ahead.

If the number of cases continues its rapid rise, the local health care system could be completely overwhelmed by the pandemic...The 3,219 cases reported on Friday in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia were the largest daily tally for the area since the 3,120 reported May 1.”


A tapestry of emotion

Fences and barricades have surrounded the White House since June. After celebrations erupted in Black Lives Matters Plaza Saturday, the barricades evolved into a tapestry for pent up emotion...and Trump trolling. But local activists are crying foul: the Plaza and fencing once recognizing Black lives lost and serving as a call to action is being crowded out with new signs.


Hyattsville mayor resigns for bigger things

Candace Hollingsworth is starting her own political organization, Our Black Party, with goals like defunding the police, electing 1,000 Black leaders, guaranteed income, decriminalization of poverty and more.

Also || Big Ivy City land deal, Kramerbooks → Kramers, Arlington Cemetery’s 70 Acre expansion, Sounds of 2020, Up close with America’s new first dogs, people were gambling with MGM National Harbor—until last month, Bowser’s exception: travel to Biden speech “essential”

Emergency & You

Wednesday, November 11

Honoring the Military Service of Native Americans

The National Native American Veterans Memorial opens Wednesday with virtual programming and tours. The Memorial honors American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians. Twenty-four access, and time-entry passes not required! (all day)


Assemblé for some ballet

The days are getting colder and “All I Want For Christmas is You” is charting again, but instead of The Nutcracker, check out the Korean Cultural Center’s outdoor performance series on ballet in nature. (6pm


Also || Watch some opera: The Blacksmith, talk: a history of meat mimicry, holiday shopping to support women in developing countries


Thursday, November 12


Oh how the tables have turned into ski chalets

Stable on H Street is offering decked out ski chalets to serve five groups of up to six people each in their dining room. Each chalet has its own walls and roof overhang so if you had Switzerland during Christmas-time on your travel bucket list, this might be your next best bet.


A great day for understanding our history and place

Also || Ladies Lounge: health and wellness, art talk: race, appropriation and the Black body, talk: asteroids!, Eric Deggans on what to watch, Bryan Washington in conversation with Kristen Arnett



Friday, November 13


Immigrant Film Fest

This year’s films span topics ranging from garment mothers in LA to DACA recipients to Italian immigrants in the 1930s, and the fest includes both shorts and feature-length films. (varies)


Busboys & Friends dine with Jose Andres

DC restaurateurs give one another some love: Andy Shallal hosts Jose Andres. (6 pm)


Also || talk: the search for alien life , history of protest & resistance with Smithsonian


Saturday, November 14


Movers & makers

Dumbarton House is hosting local vendors on the grounds – shop candles, home goods, wellness, art & more, support local business, and maybe jump-start that gift list. (all day)


The 10x10 Invitational

Pyramid Atlantic’s annual exhibition-slash-fundraiser has just two rules: all work must measure 10 x 10 inches and be priced at $50. Over 250 pieces of original artwork have been donated for your selection, either in timed-entry hours during Saturday’s opening, public hours through Jan 3, or online. (12-6 pm)


Also || avoid the million MAGA march downtown


Sunday, November 15


Get a cake out of it

Now that we’ve all mastered sourdough and focaccia gardens, meet your next quarantine baking project: babka. Learn how to make this Jewish staple with Sixth & I. (4pm)


Talk: Fairy tales of French salons

In 17th-century France, women and men would gather in salons to tell “fairy tales” that were anything but for children, using the guise of the fey to talk about what was otherwise unsaid: “everything from actual love in a marriage, to the importance of education, to the enormous social inequalities faced by the women of the age.” (7 pm)


Also | how to grow & harvest your own indigo dye, novelist Mira Jacob’s memoir, Good Talk: A Life in Conversations, Pumpkin + succulents 


Monday, November 16


All We Can Save

The outstanding feminist collection about confronting the climate crisis is co-edited by Dr. Ayana Johnson, a guest at a Politics & Prose panel. (8 pm)


Also || K-cinema at home: The Tiger, history talk: how a Black Marylander soldier ended up in a musical, poetry as a tool for change, talk: love is the way: hope in troubling times


Tuesday, November 17


Art for the Here and Now

Make your next protest sign really POP. Join Billie Clare handmade for a class on creative font development and poster layout design. (6pm)

Also || Design for all, talk: evolution, conspirations, gods and belief, crafty hour

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