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Eviction filings are cheap for landlords, expensive for tenants

A dirty, open secret: Most eviction filings don’t lead to evictions. Instead, the threat of legal proceedings—which cost just $15 for landlords, are often initiated before any other option, and sometimes before tenants even know they are behind—is a cudgel to cow tenants, and they’re a favorite tool of just ten landlords who file 37% of the city’s cases, mostly in Wards 7 and 8. (report)


Win for the LGBTQ community

This week, the Council unanimously passed nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ seniors and seniors with HIV in long-term care facilities. The bill goes to Mayor Muriel Bowser for her expected signature before a 30-day review by Congress. 


‘The club needs a new face’

Ben Olsen plans to depart as the head coach of D.C. United and will be replaced by Assistant Coach Chad Ashton in the interim. He is likely to move into another role in the organization. Olsen took over as head coach in 2010 and previously played for D.C. United for 11 seasons, winning eight trophies. As head coach, he had a losing record, 132-152-94 overall.


The heat was hotter

In a revealing self-assessment, the Capital Weather Gang looks back on a summer that was hotter than they predicted it would be: they said it would be one degree hotter than average, but that number turned out to be 2.5 degrees. Climate change means “a cool summer relative to conditions early in the 21st century or prior has become extraordinarily improbable.”


Budget question looms. But is it really that hard to answer?

At-large candidate and business lobbyist Vincent Orange recommends austerity. A resident of Ward 5, which Orange once represented, says “I think if keeping people out of poverty means raising taxes on the rich, then so be it. People are hurting out here. Nothing should be cut.” Most of the city agrees with taxing the rich, a measure rejected


Four ideas for post-COVID cities

Also || Did you take our survey about pandemic-driven moves out of DC? petition: Mayor Bowser, commit to uphold a peaceful transition, 6 things to know about police dogs, the Kiss List, race and housing in Arlington (video), voting rights & our incarcerated, a locally-sourced cider

Shroomin’ Out

Locally foraged Lion’s Mane Mushrooms give the iced chai at RĀKO Coffee a subtle earthy taste. No hallucinogenic effects, though. Come try it for yourself!   


Emergency & You

A haunted house in Trinidad

Josh Kramer, who wrote our Dispatches from 2120, is now blogging about his Northeast neighborhood, and he might have found the best haunted rowhouse in DC (and interviewed its designer).


Dinner and a movie

Songbyrd Music House’s Streatery will host an outdoor movie screening of Tim Burton’s 1988 film, Beetlejuice. Dinner will be provided with a minimum table charge of $25, two people per table. (8pm)


Talk: The Power of the Exorcist

What is it about this movie that makes it the reigning horror champ after all these years? And what does it have to do with DC, anyway? (7pm)


Saturday: Dahlia Day

Fall’s most majestic flower is available for delivery or curbside pickup from Petworth’s She Loves Me in a benefit for Ayuda, a local nonprofit serving the area’s immigrant community. 


Saturday: “A duet with yourself”

O Superman! Outsider music icon Laurie Anderson recreates her “Duets on Ice” at the Hirshhorn plaza! The performance involves her wearing blocked-ice skates and playing her violin until the ice melts – the ultimate “duet with yourself.” (4pm)


Sunday: Pillow, but make it spooky

Wondering how to spread Halloween cheer without the ability to gather? Check out Sew Queer’s latest class on stitching a friendly bat pillow for your friends - ticket includes free pattern & video instruction. (1pm)


Monday: Decolonize Union Station

Monday is Indigenous People’s Day in DC, with a protest that highlights the lack of local control over a major DC transit hub, as evidenced by its continued memorialization of a mass murderer and federal plans to build a huge parking garage many neighbors don’t want. (8-10 am)


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