Wake to Washington

Socially distant dips 


A league of self-own

Hotel Zena, a female empowerment-branded hotel on Thomas Circle, opened Thursday featuring a roster of women artists on its walls, a "modern wellness" small plates menu, a portrait of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg made of 20,000 organic tampons, a collection of feminist protest pins, and ... a male head chef. 


What's worse than being evicted? Not knowing it

The DC Council unanimously voted to require landlords and process servers — people who serve evictions — provide photographic evidence that tenants received notice of eviction proceedings. It's attached to a bill with other new renter protections that is working its way through the Council.


Paying the troll toll

A city coronavirus testing site was set up just outside the White House on Friday in response to the dozens of cases confirmed to have arisen from the rose garden nomination celebration for Amy Coney Barrett. The tents have banners that encourage anyone who works at or recently visited the White House to get a test. 


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Live Your Best Coffee Life

RĀKO Coffee Roasters offers complimentary brew guides with every order to help you craft your perfect cup from the comfort of your own home. Why not try something new?


Emergency & You

Acknowledge local Indigenous history, then learn from young Native activists

Native Land Digital, a Canadian Indigenous-led nonprofit organization, has mapped the territories of indigenous groups in our area (and around the world). On Indigenous People's Day, take a look around.

See artists in action

Through 10/18, artists will be painting for this year's installment of the POW!WOW! DC mural festival. Take a self-guided tour [Note: Walking works, but a scooter is the move here. –Patrick] or follow mural progress on Instagram.


Learn beginner ASL

Edlavitch Jewish Community Center will put your hands in motion to learn ASL in a city that has one of the country’s biggest Deaf communities. (7 pm)


Reminders from the Weekly Scheduler:

Also || K-cinema at home, become a food preservation pro

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