Wake to Washington

It's Friday. Forward to a friend!

Defending endangered wolves, eagles, grizzlies, and more (oh my!)   

Today is Endangered Species Day! No better day to learn about how Earthjustice is defending and protecting our most beloved species, and why it matters.


Panda peek

Bear cub Xiao Qi Ji will see visitors for the first time as the National Zoo reopens at 20% capacity today. He was born last August, defying odds to become Mei Xiang’s fourth cub. We are devastated to report he is morbidly cute. Here's how to visit.


Joy and pain

No one in D.C. has been untouched by the pandemic—but residents of Ward 7 and 8 have  been home to some of the highest numbers of COVID-19 deaths in the city, on top of rising gun violence. DCist asked residents of Ward 7 and 8 how they’re staying resilient and finding hope in the pandemic, from helping neighbors and going to therapy, to staying creative and keeping faith in God.


Forest to fork

After training at Noma—the Danish restaurant world-renowned for ephemeral natural ingredients, not the newly-coined DC neighborhood—Iulian Fortu forages through the forests and fields of the mid-Atlantic finding mushrooms, herbs, berries and veggies for the city’s restaurants. One chef: “The most exciting moments are not when we say, ‘Hey we’re looking for this. It’s when he says, ‘Hey, I’ve got this. Do you want to try it out?’”


A cicada’s life (and greatest fear)

Sick of cicada content yet? This Post interactive takes you all the way through the stages of the short but eventful adult live of a Brood X cicada. Also, a headline we wish didn’t exist: A fungus could turn some cicadas into neutered, sex-crazed ‘salt shakers of death.’


Against parking lots

“The right to access every building in a city by private motorcar in an age when everyone owns such a vehicle, is actually the right to destroy the city.” That was Lewis Mumford in 1961. It's worse now: With the climate crisis, we can ill afford parking lots to continue amplifying heatwaves and floods, all while choking back affordable housing.


Life after busting stoners: A just transition for Junior

Virginia legalizes pot come July 1, which means an adjustment for K-9s trained to alert their units to marijuana. Some units will attempt to retrain dogs—they can, indeed, learn new tricks, or at least unlearn old ones—while others are being reassigned.

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Emergency & You

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Wize up

After dominating the Pacers 142-118, the Wizards are officially the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference. That means they’ll face the 1-seed Philadelphia 76ers starting Sunday. They have a tall task, but they’re not afraid


Friday, May 21


Bike to Work Day

Hop on a bike and head to the office to celebrate bike to work day! If your office is only a few steps from your bed, then consider taking your lunch break exploring the town on a capital bikeshare. (all day)


“I am titaaaanium”

What happened to David Guetta? Hope he is well. Anyways, Profs & Pints is walking through the social history of EDM and how it went from a youth underground subculture to mainstream music. (4pm)


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Saturday, May 22


Comedy ASL

“Comedy as a Second Language brings the hilarious stand-up comedy of immigrant and 1st generation performers.” This show will touch on their experiences moving to a new country, identity crisis, immigrant parents’ struggles, and more. (5:30pm)


What’s greenwashing?

This large-scale outdoor art exhibit explores the impact of “green” consumer products. How green are the products if they aid in mass consumption? Visit the exhibit to find out. (6pm)


Reading from DC Poetry Project finalists

Winners of five previous open mics compete for a $1000 book contract. (7 pm)


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Sunday, May 23


Remix your wardrobe

La Casita Pupuseria is hosting a second hand market at La Cosecha featuring local makers and creators from ReStore, Evan Ibrahim, Shop the Vibe & Armoire Vintage. Bop around this open air market, sway to live musicians and sip on specialty cocktails. (12pm)


Also || talk: revelations


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