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There and back again

Restaurants are back open late but affordable transportation is not. With fewer rideshare drivers on the road and curtailed Metro service hours, supply is down and prices are wayy up—rides home for service workers can cost ten times as much. Servers trying to get home at the end of a late shift are caught with no good options; some have quit the service industry all together instead of losing as ⅓ of their wages went to transportation. 


[Alanis voice] You otter know

The Potomac is probably 3.5 million years old, and the North American river otter is probably 2 million years old, and all that time conspired to give us this little friend riding a paddleboat by the Jefferson. The otters are native to the area but are rarely seen at the Mall—they’re nocturnal, and their numbers are still recovering from pollution.


A $400 million ‘nudge’

Mayor Bowser announced $400 million budgeted to the Housing Production Trust Fund (HPTF) through FY2022, with a goal of producing 3,000 affordable units. On aggregate, half of HPTF funds should go towards units affordable to families making 30% of Area Median Income or less, but DC has only met this goal once in the past 5 years. 

Arlington looking alright

Two-thirds of Arlington County over 12 has received at least one vaccine dose. Cases are down to an average of two new reports per day, representing “the lowest weekly total since March 19, 2020.


Petworth’s past

Historic look into the 1920s, replete with streetcars, racism, and, unexpectedly, a neighborhood with far fewer trees than it has today.

Also || the diverse moco suburb that could have been, what to know as restaurants reopen, “large attic fire” at Shirlington apartment, tenants threatened by landlord’s cops for showing film outside at Brookland Manor

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Emergency & You

Froyo for life

Stop by the new Columbia Heights Frozenyo (Frozényo? Frózenyo? Frozenyó?) location and enter to win a year of free frozen yogurt (until 10pm Wednesday). 


Movie night of the future

Catch a future-themed flick at the National Building Museum’s West Lawn every Tuesday until August, starting today. BYO blanket is encouraged for the outdoor, socially distanced seating. (sunset)


Security and the erosion of public space

Join the National Capitol Planning Commission and the DC Office of Planning for a panel discussion on how measures intended to create ‘safe’ spaces often erode public space (noon).

Crunch goes the cicada

“Cicada tacos are flying out of the kitchen” at Cocina on Market in Leesburg, where the “grass-like umami” flavor substitutes nicely for traditional Mexican chapulines. Thip Khao’s chef may be planning an entry of her own.


Also || Journalism camp for high schoolers
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