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“Thanks 🙏🏾 I don’t like Rumors happening.”

As said by Drake in a Twitter DM clarifying that he was not in Columbia Heights shooting a music video last week. But...does he write that he’ll be here on June 4th? What’s Next, a Drizzy appearance at Taco Bell Cantina (which opens today at 11 am)?


A barey happy day

Another pre-pandemic phenomenon is back in post-vax life: streaking on Nats field


Mapquest is an anachronism. So are these neighborhoods. 

Mapquest (do only Old Millennials know about it?) has tons of out-there labels on its map, which apparently overlays outdated neighborhood monikers with current ones. Because if someone asks you to Pipetown these days, well...they might not mean modern Anacostia Park. 


The irony

Residents of Brookland Manor gathered for an outdoor screening of a documentary called “What Happened 2 Chocolate City” when private officers and MPD told the group to disperse and threatened arrests and jail time. MidCity won approval and city council backing to develop Brookland Manor into a mixed-income development, assuring its intent to preserve the neighborhoods and not displace families, which residents have long opposed

  • Activists call for community support to spotlight MidCity and MPD’s behavior. (6:30 pm)


Brutal takedown

The Trump administration made a big fuss about promoting “Neo-Classical” architecture in federal buildings, but their architectural appointments to the DC Design Commission have been dismissed. Whether that means the Hirshhorn will finally get its due as the Mall’s most beautiful building, only time will tell.


Park it

Cities try very hard to guess how much parking is needed for different kinds of apartments and businesses. But they almost always overestimate, making our cities ever more car-dependent while also raising the price of everything from food to housing. So, naturally, parking is already a flashpoint in the city’s redistricting efforts, which currently tie political and parking boundaries (not to mention the Comp Plan’s coming implementation).

Also || 
Prince George’s County to lift mask mandate on Friday, DC Health will shut down some walk-up vaccination sites by end of June, here’s the lowdown on DC Pride this year, Del Mar staff quit en masse after penning letter on workplace conditions, how bout that storm

Emergency & You


Spend 5 minutes on this site that uses machine learning to analyze your hand gestures (don’t worry, video isn’t stored or sent anywhere) and you’ll be able to spell out words like ABLE, CLAW, LOVE, CUBE, and more (you can come up with them, you've probably been playing that NYT Spelling Bee) in American Sign Language.  


Hey, cute-tea

Does our bad pun have you craving bubble tea -- oolong, jasmine, black or ? Get some today with Eater’s guide on where to find the best spots in the city.


All together now

SAMASAMA -- taken from the Tagalog for “all together” -- hosts a market with Shopkeepers at the Kennedy Center’s River Terrace to celebrate Asian-American & Pacific Islander narratives. Check out an arts market then dance to an all-vinyl set of Asian music and Cambodian rock ‘n roll. (5:30-9:30 pm)

Talk about a Thursday

Also || storytelling night, hiring immigrants & refugees

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