Wake to Washington

fun fact: the average person swallows 8 rats a year in their sleep

Explore DC with friends, family, and colleagues in the 4th annual District Hunt

Navigate venues and support literacy organizations as you race to complete puzzles and solve a mystery that starts on October 1. Tickets are 30% off this week!


Tales (tails?) out of school

DC’s Rat Academy has been churning out gimlet-eyed new grads ready to take on our city’s seemingly invincible rodent population for years now. The two-day course run by DC Health empowers ordinary citizens with the knowledge to understand and fend off the vast armies of Norway rats hanging out in our alleys, trash cans, and area Popeyes.

In search of Ruby

It's tragically come to this: Ruby Corado, former executive-director of one of DC’s longest running LGBTQ+ shelters, appears to have fled the country with thousands of dollars in stolen funds from her (now defunct) non-profit, leaving several employees and vendors unpaid. AG Racine has filed an emergency motion to block further withdrawals from Casa Ruby’s accounts, amidst a larger investigation into gross mismanagement, but questions remain.


Hottest in The District - DC’s Heat Islands 

Temperatures rise up to 20 degrees hotter in some DC neighborhood “heat islands” than in their more leafier, wealthier counterparts. This new podcast highlights the heat disparities among DC neighborhoods, or see DC’s heat, mapped

A Good Run for Bad Saint 

A DC foodie-favorite is shutting the door after seven years. Despite the hype Bad Saint received from local and national media—and its central role in DC’s food scene—the Filipino restaurant had to close due to pandemic pressures. 

Also || The end of DC's Juan Soto era?, Bowser signs bill to transition new buildings and gov ops off fossil fuels, one weird check to forget about the housing crisis

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Emergency & You

DC’s Racial Equity Action Plan - Share your thoughts!

Learn about the district’s Racial Equity Action Plan and share your thoughts at today’s meeting. Register here to receive an agenda and get updates about the Office of Racial Equity’s public forum series. (10am)


Shaolin Jazz presents…Enter the Dragon

At sunset, you too can experience Bruce Lee’s martial arts classic - later, find a spooky hallway of mirrors and a friend (or enemy, or frenemy) to reenact the climactic fight scene. (7:30pm)


Night Out for Safety

The Night Out for Safety and Liberation is an annual counter-event to the National Night Out (DC) focusing on non-policing interventions to issues of public safety. This event will be outdoors, open to families, and free. (4pm)


A night of stimulating visuals 

DC has a Dadaist art group and they’re kicking off the Erotic August Festival’s Film Anthology Screening. View erotic art, talk sex, and see screenings of films “strung together with a hodgepodge of sexual energy” all in the safe and cozy atmosphere of Rhizome. (7pm)

Also || karaoke tuesday, and another karaoke tuesday why is everyone doing karaoke on tuesday, Irish Inn Mates, comedy on U street, Ukrainian Art Offensive, sign up for DC Fray sports

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