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Don’t get (rotor) washed

Heli warning: If you see low helicopters tomorrow, it’s because the Army and Air Force is conducting “emergency preparedness exercises,” flying helicopters as low as 200 feet.


Where are the bodegas?

Supermarkets make up about 90% of Americans’ food shopping, but these stores just don’t work without cars – so why don’t we see more small groceries? The answer is a combination of zoning (single-family zoning usually prohibits any other type of development), costly permitting, & urban planning (wide roads & rounded curbs that are good for semi trucks and bad for walking.)


(Spongebob narrator voice) Five years later

The DC Council unanimously updated the Comprehensive Plan, the 1500-page guide to DC’s growth and development. The Plan doesn’t change DC zoning, but does offer legally binding guidance to DC’s Zoning Commission and can clear a backlog of zoning decisions, paving the way for 1,000 new housing units. Changes to the Plan include-

If you didn’t get your comments in, never fear: a full rewrite will kick off by 2025.


Only in DC’s security bureaucracy

Midway through a reflection on the meaning of MPD’s drag-racing duo, a head-scratcher: “MPD’s traffic responsibilities are mostly housed within the Homeland Security Bureau’s Special Operations Division.” The upshot: Traffic safety doesn’t have to be handled by police.


Started From Foggy Bottom, Now We’re Here

A flyer claiming to be from Warner Records circulated through social media saying that Drake was filming a music video for a Nicki collab in Columbia Heights. It was a hoax.



Council Chairman Phil Mendelson tried to cut the eviction moratorium for anyone who doesn’t qualify for rental assistance under STAY DC. The city has to use federal funds for STAY or lose them, and Mendo wanted to threaten tenants with eviction if they didn’t apply. He failed

Also || Foggy's first food hall to open this summer, Bowser decries defund, blames it for random shooting over scooter parking (?!), small businesses are victims of gentrification, an urbanist vision for Silver Spring (with some exceptions), when will Park Police publish investigations into force used on Australian journalists?, BREAKING EXCLUSIVE doesn’t live up the hype

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Emergency & You

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Just Recovery DC

Check out a People’s Hearing on Revenue, "on the importance of raising revenue for crucial investments in housing, childcare, education, small businesses, and elsewhere to build on the American Rescue Plan and advance racial equity in the District." (here)


Our Food Future

How food is grown, packaged, and sent makes an impact on our planet. The Wild & Scenic Film Festival is featuring Our Food Future, a film about growing food to heal the planet and nourish the soul. (6:30pm)


Also || community foundation celebration, women in film & video book club, rally for $15, hello neighbor, stand up silver spring, talk: violence, dc improv

“Another Ticket” (1956), Big Boy Groves & Little Margie 



The other evening about half past six

I was driving and jivinw with a carload of chicks

I cruised through  light which I thought was green

And a few seconds later I heard a siren-e



He got another ticket x3

He got so many tickets that he lost his brand new car


With everything to lose and nothing to gain

I made a left hand turn from a right hand lane

I looked in my rear view mirror to see if the coast was clear

And I saw a flashing red light advancing from the rear


[chorus, etc]


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