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Policy Reputation Webinar

Join Quorum’s industry experts on July 27th 2-2:45 PM ET as we discuss how to leave a memorable impression and impact with with legislators, staff, advocates, and stakeholders. Join the Webinar.


Crabtowne, USA 🦀 

Maryland has spice, and it’s Old Bay. The crab seasoning is among the ranks of Mambo Sauce for iconic DMV flavor. But why does this blend have so much cultural significance? Read this fascinating exploration of Old Bay’s ascension to the number-one seafood seasoning of the mid-Atlantic. 

ANC Campaign Season: Let’s get local! 

This year, 345 Advisory Neighborhood Commission seats will be up for election. If you’re civic-minded and have what it takes to represent your district, you can run for an ANC seat. ANC voting will take place in November, but in order to be on the ballot, every candidate must collect and submit a minimum of 25 signatures of registered voters in their district by Wednesday, August 10, 2022. 


DC gov wants YOU

The city is in the midst of a hiring spree to fill roughly 1,000 new positions across several agencies as foretold by the newly approved FY23 budget. To bring in applicants, the city is holding an online hiring fair with atleast 17 agencies present on August 11th and 12th; for those interested in throwing their hat in the ring, it’s probably worth doing some research into your options. 


This too shall pass…please?

It’s not just you—we are officially in the grips of an intense heat wave with local heat advisories and emergency plans in effect. With many more extremely hot days ahead, what can we, the sweaty masses, do for relief? One, take heat exhaustion seriously; two, help unhoused neighbors by donating cold water bottles; three, take a dip at a local pool. And, if ever you believe your work is done, then start back at one.


Anything but Beanie Babies 

“I have about 500 Transformers, so this is the kind of collection that deserves to be displayed.” Vintage toys, Russian silver, Alice in Wonderland memorabilia, antique purses, and—how could we avoid this—sneakers: Washingtonians gotta collect ‘em all.



The Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington handed out its Rammy awards, recognizing names new to us — Oyster Oyster, The Fried Rice Collective — and old —Shaw’s Tavern, Tail Up Goat. In a fun twist, the public also got to vote on several categories, recognizing Mangialardo’s sandwiches and 2 Fifty’s to-go BBQ; and did you know El Tamarindo has been around for 40 years?

Also || GPS solutions for DC tunnels, Claes Oldenburg and the art of the urban spectacle (RIP Claes Oldenburg), Early Modern memes, queer prewar Berlin, Nats top Dodgers, Sewell Music Conservatory’s new chapter on Kennedy, lots of new rentals should come online this coming year + could more come to Union Market?, new Metro GM’s first day, NoVa’s football ref shortage

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Emergency & You

DMV in Bloom

It’s hot out, and while DC residents may feel like they are wilting, the local flowers are thriving. Celebrate peak bloom of the Kenilworth Aquatic Garden lilies or visit nearby flower farms to experience fields sunflowers and lavender in bloom. 


Skate lessons!

Learn to be the coolest kid on the block with skate lessons! With beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons there’s something for all sk8ters! (7pm)


Try a little midnight pickleball

It’s badminton gone rogue—it's miniature tennis—it's big ping pong—however you explain it, pickleball is here! The public can sign up for court space (first-come, first-serve) at the Watergate until late in the evening. 


How to Not Die Alone

No really, that’s what the book is called—and you can learn how to make a dating profile in a workshop with author Logan Ury, “director of relationship science” at Hinge. (6pm)

Tunes: Camilo Septimoo, Francisca Valenzuela en Vivo 

I had never heard of either until now but now I feel like it’s 3022 and I’m riding my hovercycle through a 80’s American blockbuster version of futurist Tokyo, while also going through a breakup and/or thinking about that one summer when we worked at the Dairy Queen and it was terrible but also we were so young and invincible, so fragile, our whole lives ahead of us. So consider that a recommendation? (Editor's note: At least Dairy Queen exists in the future?; 7pm)


Also || F45 bootcamp, trivia at DC9, social sector book talk, talk: reinvention

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