Wake to Washington

an easy way to lose it all

Want to cough even though you’re vaccinated? 

Get that Strawberry Cough sativa strain from


The great restaurant reckoning

The industry’s issues —racism, harassment, brutal hours, low pay—predate the pandemic, but the past year has pushed many DC restaurant workers to stage walkouts, wage strikes, and in many cases, leave and never look back. The staffing shortage has led local restaurants scrambling to offer strange and anemic incentives (cryptocurrency, bro?!) to recruit employees, instead of addressing the deeper rot driving them away.


When House Hunters meets Powerball

The pandemic’s housing demand has propelled new home construction to the highest level since 2006, the year the last housing bubble began to deflate. Additionally notable is where construction is happening: developers are building in the areas beyond an acceptable commute to urban jobs, allowed by increases in remote opportunities


Thanks...for confirming?

An MPD attorney admitted in court for the first time that DC police did use tear gas against fleeing protesters in Lafayette Square last summer — a reveal that might have had more impact if there wasn’t already video footage and numerous eyewitnesses to the incident. MPD, who previously denied any involvement, also went on to kettle and deploy chemical irritants against protesters on Swann St. the same night. 


The fans are out on the court!

Fans appear to have lost all semblance of socialization with the NBA playoffs receiving more high-profile fan hijinks at the Verizon Capitol One Center last night. A fan sprinted down from the stands towards the Wizards’ hoop mid-game, prompting the ironic but telling line from Russell Westbrook: “This is not a game.” 

Also || everyone saw Joe & Kamala at Le Diplomate yesterday, more indictments of Capitol rioters over the weekend

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Emergency & You

Celebrate Pride Month

Happy Pride, y’all! Start off the month with this talk featuring Max Ernst (of Shaed) and the inspiration of the band’s new single “Colorful,” presented by Capital Pride.


Give it a rest, already

Reminder: as we enter this joyful and frenetic social period of reconnecting with old friends, acquaintances, and everyone in between, it’s okay to take some time to celebrate your pandemic self and nothing.


Also || Korean Film Festival (streaming), Art Exhibition: Ancestral Colors from the Multicolores Collective, yoga at the Wharf, music bingo, pack a picnic


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