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The kitty count

After three years of painstaking surveillance work, DC Cat Count is ready to share some preliminary results and photos from their feline census. One finding: feral cats only account for 20% of the roughly 6 million images captured from area cameras; the rest turned up a true menagerie of other urban dwellers that walk among us: squirrels, raccoons, deer, and even a bobcat. 


An end to the “concrete jungle” motif

Your #longread for the day, on a former cop who cruises the “hoods” of America with a surveilling eye for a funded YouTube channel: “The built environment itself becomes criminal, the wires and pipes and fixtures teeming with terrors...Viewers watching places they’d never visit to confirm that said places aren’t worth visiting is a depressing and circular state of affairs.”


What’s in a roommate? 

Living with roommates past a certain age gets a bad rap, but Millennials are far more likely than previous generations to pursue cohabitation for reasons beyond just cost savings. The pandemic has only served to underscore the “strange intimacy” of the roommate relationship and our generation’s desire for new models of mutual support and interdependence not predicated on familial or romantic ties. 


Are the Nats a dynasty, or done?

With the baseball offseason starting to kick into gear, the Nats have lots of holes and just $25 million or so to plug them. The’ 2019 World Series aura is wearing off and a new reality is setting in: Does this version of Juan Soto’s team have a sustainable path to contention, or is it cooked?


What’s it like to buy a home right now? 

A month ago, a survey of 730 readers made it clear that significant numbers of young people are moving, sometimes directly because of COVID (layoffs, caregiving) and sometimes indirectly (opportunity to work remotely, often with cheaper rent). Now, WAMU digs into the stories of people who are moving—by buying homes in the area, where listings are only up for an average of 7 days.


Still thinking about last weekend

Also || Buildings abandoned during lockdown grew lots of mold, Mendelson dismisses bill to bring Council into DCPS reopening talks, keep Sakina Halal open, Chez Billy Sud owner opens Mt. Pleasant “culinary bookstore”

Emergency & You

Art for the Here and Now

Make your next protest sign really POP. Join Billie Clare handmade for a class on creative font development and poster layout design. (6pm)


Rock the vote! (for panda names) 

The National Zoo is looking for the moniker that will capture the rare essence of their giant newborn panda cub: though no write-in option is available, the public can still take a stand for cuteness and weigh in on this important matter until November 23rd.


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