Wake to Washington

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Voting should never be this hard

Voting rights were recently restored to DC prisoners, but issues abound in ensuring they can actually cast their ballots. The Federal Bureau of Prisons is at least partly to blame by refusing to provide DC election officials with lists of newly enfranchised prisoners. Many inmates have yet to receive absentee ballots, registration forms, or informational materials ahead of the general election. 

Baby, come back

WMATA has hit some bumps: reduced service, freak train accidents, an ongoing budget crisis. And turning it all around hinges on ridership returning to pre-pandemic levels. With so many variables at play, it’s unclear how this will play out, but WMATA is already preparing for various scenarios, including a grim future where riders don’t return for years.


Bike over the hill

Some of that transit decline is offset by a cycling boom. Capital Bikeshare turned 10 years old this year, making it the oldest major system in the country (it’s also one of the few that’s publicly-owned). After its first decade, there’s still progress to make in meeting the needs of all potential users: advocates in Anacostia say more infrastructure like protected lanes and racks are needed to really make Capital Bikeshare useful there.


We’ll try and explain this in fewer words than the soap label

You’ve no doubt noticed the (admittedly dope as hell) “PLANT MEDICINES CAN CURE DEPRESSION” signs all over the place. Initiative 81 wouldn’t decriminalize but would de-prioritize enforcement of natural psychedelics. No joke, the campaign is significantly funded by the Dr. Bronner’s soap company, and they handled signature collections during the pandemic so well that they should probably just be in charge of the DC Board of Elections.

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Live Your Best Coffee Life

RĀKO Coffee Roasters offers complimentary brew guides with every order to help you craft your perfect cup from the comfort of your own home. Why not try something new?


Emergency & You

Keep wearing that mask

Public health experts (or, at least some) genuinely didn’t know if face masks would make a difference when COVID first hit. Nature runs through the wide variety of studies, from Mongolia to Missouri to hamster cages, that have made the convincing case for masks.

The making of Deaf U

Even if you haven't already binged the Netflix show following the life and times of college students at Gallaudet (filmed right here in DC!), it’s still worth checking out this live panel with the show’s creators for a peek behind the scenes. (8pm)


Start your day with a BLT

A convincing argument: “The simple beauty of that holy trinity seems to shine even brighter in the faint morning light; you could throw an egg on it too, but there’s no need.”


This promotion involves free beer

An apartment building in Navy Yard is giving away six packs of free Atlas beer, and we’re pretty sure that’s it. That’s the promotion.


Move DC on moveDC

The city is looking for feedback on the transit planning program that controls development across all modes. (6:30 pm)

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