Wake to Washington

Shaw cycletrack making inroads

A long-stalled project to build a protected bike lane in Shaw is moving forward. The planned Eastern Downtown Cycletrack will stretch for 1.6 miles down 9th Street NW between Pennsylvania and Florida. Though Mayor Bowser says new federal funds gave the project the green light, a (funded) attempt to build these bike lanes last year was shot down after the project became a symbol of changes in the neighborhood


This is my OOL, notice there is no P, let's keep it that way

The city’s outdoor pools and spray parks are officially open for the summer, including the new Woody Ward Recreation Center east of the river. This is a big change over last year, when COVID-19 restrictions kept the gates locked. The pools will run on a weekend-only schedule until June 27, with no capacity restrictions but social distancing required. (Apartment dwellers, your building pools are still officially limited to 50% capacity.)


Now kiss (bumpers)

Managed to get an appointment at the DC DMV? If it’s for a road skills test, be sure to brush up on your parallel parking, as that’s back on the docket for the first time since 2009. Also, unsurprisingly: Neither Virginia nor Maryland includes the skill in their driving test. 


’Tis Britney, wench

A Britney Spears jukebox musical will debut at the Shakespeare Theatre Company this November. (She did tell us she’s a put-on-a-show kind of girl). In the theater’s first Broadway-bound production, which Washingtonian says sounds “absolutely bananas,” fairytale characters become patriarchy-smashing princesses after their book club reads The Feminine Mystique.

Also || first-ever mermaid museum opens in Maryland; the "QUADRUPLE MATCH!" fundraising era comes to an end; cicadas are chilly; yes, the Taco Bell Cantina is finally open; density, walkability both linked to positive health outcomes; every city has a unique "microbial fingerprint"; a dead mall falls; walking tours, local culture, and Black history for DC police recruits; what would removing highways do for our cities?

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Emergency & You


In Dedicated: The Case for Commitment in an Age of Infinite Browsing, Pete Davis cites his local upbringing in a tight-knit Falls Church community for his lifelong philosophy that commitment and dedication are what really bring happiness.


Mark Memorial Day

Loosened restrictions mean you can mark the holiday in person at Arlington Cemetery, the Military Women’s Memorial, or WWII memorial


Normalize Monday brunch 

Also || DuPont cookout; solidarity against AAPI Hate Rally; (ps feeling reentry anxiety? you're not alone)

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