Wake to Washington

See you on 7/30?

What are you doing next next weekend?

730Day is back, baby! We’ll be hanging at Metrobar from 1-5pm on Saturday, July 30. Come say hi to the team, enjoy some food truck nachos and/or transit-themed cocktails, see our new merch, sign up for Friendship Lab™, etc. RSVP via Eventbrite.

Bad Abbots are hard to break

Resources to support the many migrants arriving via bus from Texas are dwindling, and DC lawmakers are asking Bowser to direct local resources towards the issue. DC organizations have been relying on donations and a single federal grant to support the incoming migrants, but the number of migrants has doubled while financial support has not. Bowser said that the issue is a federal one and necessitates a federal response and that DC is too busy focusing on sheltering its homeless population to assist incoming migrants.


Putting the “National” in National Gallery of Art

The prestigious art museum, known for preserving and exhibiting works by American artists, making significant changes to ensure their “American art” doesn’t just mean “white American art.” It updated its mission statement, increased diversity in leadership roles, and created a new curator of African American and Afro Diasporic Art role which was filled in February 2021. 


Meet the “Bread Lady”

New on our blog: Elizabeth Held profiles Capitol Jill, whose pandemic hobby turned into a delicious new job. Jill Nguyen, who lives on Capitol Hill, took up baking in March 2020 and never looked back, capitalizing on the city’s cottage food laws to cook for the community right from home. 


Not-so-merry news from Maryland

Despite having twice as many registered Democrats as Republicans, Maryland currently has a Republican governor. Larry Hogan has already served two terms and can’t continue. Instead, Dan Cox won the Republican primary—and his candidacy will prove whether Hogan’s relatively centrist success can be replicated by a full-on MAGA election denier


Bartending with Britt Fox

When Columbia Room closed, Britt Fox jumped to the new Silver Lyan. From there she shares her perspective on the local drink scene. Don’t ask her for an espresso martini; do ask her about the Sichuan chili-infused whisky that didn’t turn out as she hoped. 

Also || Wiz pick Davis struggles in summer league, local Giving Circle wants proposals from area nonprofits at intersection of economic and racial justice, RIP Matt Hilburn aka UnsuckDCMetro, Q: what went wrong with Substack’s local newsletter project? A: they did not give us $100M, cyclists pick over disappointing NPS news on Beach Drive24-hr transit lane on H St?

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Movie at the museum

Join us to watch The Song of the Butterflies (El Canto de las Mariposas) this Saturday at 1 p.m. at the National Museum of the American Indian. Free, first come, first serve. More details here


Emergency & You

Wednesday July 20


Host Battle at the Comedy Loft

Local comedians work out their new sets on stage, while hosts and audience members give real-time critique. (7:30pm


Complain about inflation like a pro

Learn from the best! An economic historian joins Profs & Pints to cover 300 years of monetary history, including the most dramatic episodes of hyperinflation and deflation, for some good perspective on today. (6pm)


Also || Green Drinks, tie dye workshop, ice cream and scary movies, David-Jeremiah immersive art installation at CulturalDC 


Thursday July 21


Soundtracking Freedom: Swap DC’s Book and Vinyl Swap

Bring books and vinyl you want to swap and then hang out, listen to live music, shop a local vendor’s market, and listen as event organizers lead a conversation about freedom for all. Food and drinks available. (3pm)


Mad as HELLcat improv abortion fundraiser

Add a dash of laughter to your fury when you join Hellcat, Washington Improv Theatre's all-female ensemble, for an evening of improv to support the National Network of Abortion Funds. (7:30pm)


Also || talk: Michael Pollan on plants, tunes: Sharon Van Etten/Julien Baker/Angel Olsen, live crossword, Black Greek Festival, talk: parenting as an immigrant, karaoke under the stars, ANC training, story collider, tunes: Public Figures + Dear Daria, what statehood is worth


Friday July 22


PaperJam party at Rhizome

Tosser, Saffron, and Fake Bodies play to celebrate the release of issue #4 of DC’s favorite indie music zine! Be sure to break out your coolest tote bag to carry home some treasures from the mini pop-up zine and art market. (7pm)


Also || Hirshhorn’s Polka Dot Party, boy band improv, tunes: Melk (ep release), 2000s dance party, Smart Funny & Black


Saturday July 23


Neighborhood celebrations


Are you rich?

No, seriously: If so, join Resource Generation DC in Malcolm X Park to learn about this multiracial community of young people with wealth or class privilege committed to the equitable distribution of wealth. That giant pile of gold doubloons, loose gems and haunted oil paintings you swan-dive into on a regular basis could be put to better use supporting projects like Baldwin House, a tenant-owned housing cooperative. (4-7pm)


Also || improv inspired by astrology and Nancy Reagan, tunes: 3eb, flowers, national landing market, comedy bonfyre, watercolor jungles, indie pop and comedy, podcast: Small Doses, market at National Landing

Sunday July 24


Baldwin House Day

Baldwin House is an effort to turn a building into affordable housing owned by Black and Brown tenants. Celebrate them buying a building with live music, art, games, food, and storytelling. (1-5pm)


Adobo Gigante: The Anniversary

Promoter Adobo DMV's anniversary party at Echostage features Latinx, go-go and hip hop performances from names like Oro Solido, DJ Craze, and New Impressionz.  (2pm)


Punk Rock Movie Night at Black Cat

Study up on your punk curriculum and head to the Red Room for a double feature: “Night Clubbing the Birth of Punk Rock in NYC” and “Sid: The Final Curtain.” (7pm)


Also || celebration of Vonnegut, Marvel improv, tunes: Lady HD, Shady Pines tea dance, Second City, go see the Lou Stovall exhibit showcasing his printmaking and the artists of The Dupont Center

Monday July 25


Choose your own auditory adventure


If you’d prefer to be the center of attention

Step 1: know nothing. Step 2: bring some friends to trivia at Wunder Garten and make a fool of yourself. (7pm)  


Also || or hey, fuck it, why not just get incredibly fucked up on 50 cent wings, or host your own cool Monday night event and then tell us about it, nobody is ever doing shit on Mondays and it's hard for us to find stuff to write about so we'll probably feature you and you'll meet lots of cool new people


Tuesday July 26


How to Not Die Alone

No really, that’s what the book is called—and you can learn how to make a dating profile in a workshop with author Logan Ury, “director of relationship science” at Hinge. (6pm)

Tunes: Camilo Septimoo, Francisca Valenzuela en Vivo 

I had never heard of either until now but now I feel like it’s 3022 and I’m riding my hovercycle through a 80’s American blockbuster version of futurist Tokyo, while also going through a breakup and/or thinking about that one summer when we worked at the dairy queen and it was terrible but also we were so young and invincible, so fragile, our whole lives ahead of us. So consider that a recommendation? (7pm)

Also || tunes: Camilo Septimo, F45 bootcamp, trivia at DC9, social sector book talk, talk: reinvention


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