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Back 2 slightly better

After a weekend of delays featuring everything from single tracking and construction to actual  smoke and fire, WMATA is aiming for 15-minute intervals on each of the Blue, Orange and Silver lines starting today. Weekend service is expected to follow in September. New GM Randy Clarke says improving service is his top priority—but the reports of harassment and heavily armed police presence last week have us skeptical about his claims to the Post about safety.

No right without light

When the DC Council reconvenes, they’ll take up the Safer Streets Amendment Act, which would ban cars from turning right on red and let bikers treat stop signs as yield signs. Legalizing the “Idaho stop” could make our streets safer for bikers (though one part of it—allowing cyclists to treat red lights as stop signs—was removed from this bill in committee).


Noise cancellation

Helicopter noise have you on your last nerve? Now, you can do more than just track them on Twitter. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton announced last week the trial launch of a reporting system for unwanted helicopter noise. Residents can sound off online, on the app or at 877-209-3200.

Home office → office home?

Developers, landlords, and government officials are ready to turn unused office space into new residential housing: Work is already underway to transform former Department of Agriculture, Justice, and Peace Corps buildings into new luxury apartments. If we can ensure that the development also includes affordable housing, who knows, maybe in a decade we’ll all be living downtown in our own Brutalist utopia

Also || why do so many bikes end up underwater?, a portrait of the dystopian New York of the south, new U street mural in response to gun violence, smithsonian’s problem collections, DCPS mandating covid vaccines, nah brah to NaLa, monkeypox vax clinic opens in ward 8 (you can pre-register here for an appt)

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Emergency & You

Trivia Mondays

I have some trivia for y’all: What is the worst day of the week to find an event? It’s Monday. The Answer is Monday. Anyway, attend trivia at Wunder Garten or trivia at Wonderland or trivia at Franklin Hall or trivia at Tap99


Carivaggio, the cursed painter!

Sad because you’re cursed by a troll living in your neighborhood and the DC wizard council won’t help? Well, you’re still not as cursed as Carivaggio. Learn more about the painter in a Smithsonian lecture series. (12pm)


Straight down 16th Street

DC’s top tennis competition began over the weekend at Rock Creek Park Tennis Center and will run through August 7. Grab a seat at Session 3 of the Citi Open today to see former World No. 1 Andy Murray on the court. (12pm)


Also || GLAA potluck, tunes: Nouvelle Vague, Fort Reno summer concert series continues with Sparklebot, Continuals, and Bed Maker, Avalon, what time is it at? We don’t know, what is avalon? We don’t know, but it was online so we are going to advertise it goshdarnit


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