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This is your sign to adopt a pet

Or foster—or foster fail, whatever! DC’s Humane Rescue Alliance kennels are full with over 100 dogs available for adoption and foster home placement. The shelter can’t take in new animals without finding good homes for its current lil guys (including Lego, Dominga, Barrington!!!). If you’re looking for a lil guy that’s a little bigger, HRA has a name-your-own adoption fee promotion for dogs 30+lbs all month. 


Remembering the Good Morning Man

Larry Tutt was a landmark at 15th and K St NW for over six years years, greeting passerby with a smile and a "Good Morning" almost every day. He was fond of saying that the simple act had a higher purpose — one he felt called to one day and committed to. According to family, Larry passed away recently after a battle with cancer. There is a GoFundMe


Make it a movie, Meg Ryan can star

Writer Susan Coll writes for LitHub about loving books and bookstores — in this case, Politics and Prose, where she was in charge of book events for years. (If you just can’t get enough of this sort of story, maybe try Coll’s latest novel that seems rather reminiscent of her P&P experience?) 


Trouble at Trash Mountain

DC's Zero Waste initiative — with a goal to divert 80% of waste to recycling, composting, and other places by 2032 — is reportedly more of a dumpster fire, with just 13% of all city waste diverted. There's a lot of bad in the blue bins, an investigation has found. But! There are plenty of ways to bring our numbers up in coming years, including needed renovations at Fort Totten. 


For a future four square tourney 

Downtown Silver Spring breaks ground on a new one-acre park next year. But before it becomes a new park, weigh in on what park amenities you want to see — a splash park? Four-square courts? A really big twisty slide? 

Also || Submit your story of trans joy; friends and family remember Kevin Hargraves-Shird, killed by police on July 30; preventing a Rock Creek Park suicide; Lyz Lenz x Moira Donegan on feminism; Long week? Have an Ada Limón; how … “gigantic jet lightning” … works; DC's newest contemporary art museum hires director, eyes October opening; DCRA to make like a banana and split

A secret society and local nonprofit teamed up... design a treasure hunt in downtown DC. Their literacy-themed mystery begins 10/1. Will you be the first to finish the adventure? Assemble your team and get your tickets today!


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Emergency & You

BBQ and Shakespeare 

Whimsy and sauce guaranteed on the National Building Museum’s lawn during a free performance of “That Purple Juice,” a spinoff of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (which remains showing inside at the Playhouse through the rest of the month). (“Sauce” because there seriously will be barbeque but also because of Puck’s flower juice.) (6:30pm)


Life During the Pandemic 

While some people (me) spent most of the pandemic watching Glee multiple times and learning how to do the worm, NY-based photographer Phil Penman created a stunning art exhibition called “life during the pandemic” that you can go see! (7pm)


Invasive honeysuckle? Not on OUR watch

Invasive honeysuckle on Mount Vernon Trail is actually very bad, so join Friends of the Mount Vernon Trail as they clean up and have a beer together afterwards! (5:30pm)


Pun DMV (not the driver’s license place) Contest

Contestants get a theme for a vicious pun-off. Example theme: lizards??? Iguana talk about how summer weather sucks, but it’s better than a b-lizard. From the gec-ko I’ve been a big lizard fan (s/o my gecko Wallace), but sometimes his cage skinks. Okay, I don’t want this to drag-on, but this has been a one in chameleon opportunity. Now go to the pun contest and take a shot of teq-Gila. (7:30pm)


Tunes: Bad Moves, Weird Babies, Spring Silver

A local lineup at the iconic Fort Reno summer series, entering its 50th year and still rocking; it's a chance to "Party With the Kids That Want to Party With You"! (7-9:30 pm)

Also ||
three artists on local landscapes; wanna row a Hawaiian outrigger canoe?; DC Burger Battlefilm: love and other violences, DC Unite for Progress, salsa in the park, happy hour and wall-e (anyone else only say the word wall-e like how he says it in the movie), Propelling Voice w/ Revision Dance Company, BeenFunny Black Tie Affair and an underground DC restaurant Hard Rock Cafe

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