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En masse, sans masks

Thousands of supporters of President Trump and armed right-wing extremist groups rallied on the Mall this weekend, largely to deny the results of the election. DC Police Chief Peter Newsham says MPD struggled to keep apart groups “intent on clashing” (whose intent?) and arrested 21 on assault, inciting violence, disorderly conduct, and weapons charges. At least two appear to have been armed militia members.


A first bell for DCPS, teachers

DCPS and the Washington Teachers' Union (WTU) have struck a tentative deal to begin in-person instruction. Next, WTU members will review the agreement, which lists nearly 50 conditions the system would need to meet before schools can reopen. Union president Elizabeth Davis says it could be signed and submitted to DCPS as early as Tuesday.


Taking the temperatures of DC's school nurses

A group of 25 school nurses and WTU members protested outside the home of Mayor Muriel Bowser on Saturday, saying they were left out of preparations and conversations about safely returning to schools. The District of Columbia Nurses' Association says their nurses have seen their school safety recommendations ignored and only gotten radio silence on reopening measures from DC Health. 


No cap: DC hospitals near acute care capacity

It's not all coronavirus (yet?), but it's worth noting: DC hospital acute care beds are over 90% full, for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. The city has emergency surge capacity available, but it's another warning sign as cases continue to climb in our region. According to DC Health, the city is experiencing "substantial community spread" for the first time since May. 

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Emergency & You

Some of the best new bands are from here

We’ve given Bartees Strange and Bacchae plenty of love in the past, and it’s awesome to see national recognition for these DC artists courtesy of Stereogum’s 40 Best New Bands. Stream and buy Bacchae’s Pleasure Vision and Bartees Strange’s Live Forever. (Another semi-local on the list: Baltimore’s Pinkshift).

Miss the office? 

Here’s its soundtrack: papers shuffling, the clack of keys, the soft murmuring of coffee machines and standing meetings.


All We Can Save

The outstanding feminist climate collection is co-edited by Dr. Ayana Johnson, a guest at a Politics & Prose panel. (8 pm)


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