Wake to Washington

"to be sane in a mad time / is bad for the brain, worse / for the heart"

The best in Native film—from home

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with Indigenous cinema. Enjoy more than 60 films that showcase people and stories from the Western Hemisphere and the Arctic. More here. 


Dereliction cycle 

It's over. And on an unseasonably warm and sunny Saturday, the city responded with a spontaneous and sustained day of demonstration and collective celebration. And a lot of honking. And cowbells, and vuvuzelas


Dinosaurs! (not about the election)

On Friday, Texas company Jurassic Quest opened a drive-through animatronic dinosaur park in the RFK Stadium parking lot. Admission is $49 per vehicle, or $80 if you somehow have 9+ people in your car. Swords are $25.

  • Crude irony (free): Parking lots, plastic swords, and gasoline, of course, are made from dinosaurs.


Christina Henderson: no labels, ranked-choice voting

Our voter guide spent some time on an important division in this year's At-Large race: the split between progressives and moderates in the race and, more broadly, in District politics. But in a recent interview, At-Large Councilmember-Elect and "pragmatic progressive" Christina Henderson said this was a false division, characterizing DC as "for the most part, a progressive city." 

  • Pulitzer Prize-winner and DC native Colbert King wrote a recent op-ed arguing the same.

  • Members of the DC business community ("business homies" in some circles) say they "dodged a bullet" when Lazere lost — though some acknowledge they may not be able to "dodge" Henderson, either.


16th Street bus lanes get a start date

A one-year project to build much-anticipated bus lanes on 16th Street will start before the end of the year. The project, which has been in development for ten years, aims to make bus service quicker, more consistent and more reliable along the critical corridor — one that carried as many as 20,000 people a day before the impact of the coronavirus. 


Zen and the art of bicycle maintenance 

You can do a majority of bicycle tune-ups and repairs yourself for less than $100 (including tools), using YouTube to guide your learning. In an era when much of what we have is disposable, proprietary, or both, that's revolutionary. You'll learn a lot that you can apply to the rest of life, too. [Note: Old steel bikes are perfect for this. –Patrick]

Also: || Biden's promise to protect DACA recipients will have an outsized impact in our area; the unique Black census tracts of Prince George's County; lessons for DC in how outdoor dining will change New York City; what it costs to board up a DC business; the LINE Hotel reels in its disputed tax break; how to get an at-home COVID-19 test

Emergency & You

Two talks to learn about local history

Also: || Talk: (Un)Settled and (Un)Certain: Making Sense of Election 2020; Arctic Refuge Virtual Bird Festival; Washington Psychotronic Film Society watches Frankenstein Island (virtually); DC Loops: Moonlight Ride; Rhythm & Motion: Ronald Ríos; Talk: The Art of Georgia O’Keeffe ($35); go on an Italian sandwich crawl

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