Wake to Washington

Clean energy + bold and equitable solutions.

We can address the climate crisis and move urgently to zero emissions and 100% clean energy.  Earthjustice lawyers are using the power of the law to make this happen.  


Pivot pivot regroup pivot 

The service industry’s year of the pivot (2020) has spilled into the year of the regroup (2021). DC restaurant operators are now hurtling towards lightning-fast reopenings amidst worker shortages and supply chain bottlenecks unlike ever before. Take a peek into the reopening with three DC chef/owners and one quinquagenarian bartender’s view on the “roaring 20s.”


New low is the new high

Hospitalizations and new COVID infections reached a new daily low (just nine new cases!) since March 2020. Undoubtedly, DC’s near 70% vaccination rate can be credited with the steady decline amidst a rapid reopening.  


Every city has a unique microbiome

Researchers swabbed city transit “touch points” like handles and ticket counters and turned up not just distinct city-by-city ecosystems, but learned that “every time you sit down in the subway, you are likely commuting with an entirely new species.” 


The other crisis

Ward 8 Council Member Trayon White is pleading for the “same amount of time, energy and resources” directed at the pandemic to solve DC’s other crisis: gun violence. Tuesday, Mayor Bowser announced a compehenisve $59 million public health approach to this crisis, Building Blocks DC, including a $750,000 in grant funding, $5.6 million in job creation, $11.4 for returning citizens, and $7.8 for violence interrupters. 

Also || The wisdom of the trees, Android users join SmarTrip party, bring down the statues--literally all of them, 1/6 through the memory of 9/11, Loudoun County schools meeting goes nuts over “critical race theory” not even taught in those schools

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Emergency & You

Wednesday, June 9

Performance Review with Endia Beal

Performance Review, which explores how women of color navigate the corporate workplace, has been featured in The Atlantic, and was named a top photobook of the year by BuzzFeed and Vogue Italia. (7-8 pm)


Also || outdoor pilates, talk: white supremacists


Thursday, June 10


Afro Bahia festival

Celebrating the Afro-descended women of Brazil, this virtual event will pay homage to “feminine ancestors, nurturers, teachers, spiritual leaders, scholars and performers.” (9:30pm)


Tunes: Irreversible Entanglements

Once you get into the free jazz of area luminaries Luke Stewart, Moor Mother and Keir Nuringer, you can never get out! (Outdoors, 7 pm)


Also || drive-in movie, racism in america, talk: Latinx art, climate town hall, outdoor pilates, spring recruitment fair, sunset cinema


Friday, June 11



All around the city, neighbors are getting together to case their streets for code failures and dangers to pedestrians. By flagging and reporting things like broken sidewalks and missing crosswalks, advocates hope to pressure these items up city priorities. There’s one group getting together Friday in Woodridge, another Saturday in Woodley Park; check out the full map here


Also || choral: Resilience, pride shabbat, lost birthday club


Saturday, June 12


Pride pop-up

Over 50 vendors from around the region will take to the streets of Dupont for a pride pop-up celebration. Make a day of it by starting with a boozy brunch followed by a walk through the maze of makers. (all day)


Bad Candy grand opening

NE is welcoming a brand-new art gallery featuring pop-art, street-art, photography, and more. Co-owners Bruce Allen and Henry Dotson spent the pandemic shut down making art for our community. Head over to show your support! (5pm)


East of the River show opening reception

“Dedicated to showcasing the creative brilliance East of the River, this year’s exhibit will feature thirteen unique creatives with dynamic stories to tell through visual arts.” Auction runs through late July. (6 pm)


Also || heavyweights comedy, outdoor barre3, time travel, MDC DSA general body meeting


Sunday, June 13


Queue the summer pop-up series

Double up on your pop-up game this weekend and head to Culture House for a garden party market. Vendors include Lei Musubi, Little Wild Things City Farm, Made With Koi, and so many more. (12pm)


Busboys and multisensory artists

“We, Too, Sing America” is the solo show at the Torpedo Factory this summer; the exhibit is a memorial to the everyday actions Black women have taken to weather the past year. (all day)


Also || summer step challenge, talk: great lakes, bourbon and bluegrass


Monday, June 14


We’re Gonna Die

Round House Theater turns real tragedies and traumas into performative art. Follow the stages of grief in their brand new play We’re Gonna Die. (tickets)


Live Your Life

What was diagnosed as pneumonia turned out to be the COVID-19 virus. Join Zach Braff in conversation with Amanda Kloots on her family’s experience of losing a loved one to the battle of COVID-19. (7pm)


Also || native art + american flag, virtual death cafe


Tuesday, June 15


Annual crawfish boil

Have you been to a crawfish boil? It’s a very summer and very southern activity. Rustico Ballston will be serving richly decadent food and refreshingly cool beers. (This Carolina-raised writer says go!)  (12pm)

Also || drag bingo, utility debt day of action

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