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a quarrel of the ancients and moderns

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DC Dept of Employment Services: “No Man’s Land”

Nearly six months after the first round of pandemic layoffs, DC residents are still being given the eternal runaround to receive their unemployment benefits. Many report interminable wait times and claims that end up rejected, lost, or just trapped in the agency’s decrepit system. City officials have long promised an overhaul to modernize DOES and help them manage the deluge of incoming claims, but those efforts too seem to be permanently buffering


Landlords are the worst. News at 11.

To date, property companies have received hundreds of thousands of dollars through the PPP loan program to stay afloat during the pandemic, but this windfall hasn’t resulted in very many material benefits for renters, who continue to report tense standoffs over unpaid rent, deteriorating building conditions, and threats of eviction.


An obit for oldheads 

The Rock, Capitol Lounge, Andalusian Dog, The Big Hunt, Planet Fred, Granville Moore’s, Club 15 Minutes, DC9; some of these places are gone, but the joints founded by “Party King” Joe Englert — who just passed away — were and still are formative and important locations for many


“Your only spectator is you, and you got this.”

730DC contributor Robin Doody decided to make the most of the current situation and train for a solo half marathon with runs around DC. Check out this guide Robin wrote for us on how you can do it yourself, and catch some of the beauty of the city while doing it. 

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Emergency & You

The Weekly Scheduler, but for protests

It’s a busy week for direct action, whether that’s righteous anger over the killing of Jacob Blake, counter-protesting the RNC, or Al Sharpton’s planned march on Friday. Check out just some of the offerings here

I’m talkin’ WAP WAP WAP... for people with slow reflexes! 

Learn how to bust a move to the song that traumatized Ben Shapiro with this suuuper slowwwed down dance tutorial. Pro tip: just skip the splits at the end. It’s not worth it, friend.


Lean in (to the discomfort)

Calling white managers, owners, and leadership. Learn to use your power and privilege to dismantle white supremacy in the workplace and better support staff of color (and check the white fragility and code-switching at the door...or Zoom window). (2pm)


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