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As officials hear from Earthjustice attorneys in court, outside the courtroom, they’re hearing from you. Check out our Action Center and become part of the fight today.


The future of now!

After a turbulent year of reduced service, budget cuts, and grim prognostications of its post-pandemic future, WMATA is back, baby, with big plans to attract riders. On the horizon: newer railcars and glam upgrades to ease commutes (paper maps and disembodied voices announcing stops are out, digital screens, air filtration, and charging stations are in). We’re not living the dream yet, but baby steps...


DC, stated relatively

This graphic ranks states’ populations relative to each other each decade since 1920. On the whole, states in the South and West have grown while the Midwest and Northeast have seen decreases. Maryland is the only state in the Northeast to have increased in rank since 1920, begging the age-old question… is Maryland in the south? While DC was the 43rd most populous ‘state’ in 1920, this is the first time DC has increased its population rank since 1950—we're now above Vermont and Wyoming. 


City leaders explore rolling back pandemic protections

A select few didn't hear that this is our chance to leave our old, bad selves behind: with reopening in sight, the city is already trying to roll back pandemic protections. Before the Council next week is legislation that would create exceptions to DC’s ban on evictions and utility shut offs. A reminder, since CM Mendelson seems to need it: it’s never a good time to evict residents or destroy the minimal safety net in place that allows them to keep the lights on. 


“We hope you recognize that while we all want to return to the world we knew, our world is forever changed.” 

With the new announcement that restaurants and bars can return to 100% capacity starting May 21, restaurants are gearing up for new territory. After a year-plus operating in the pandemic, here’s how to be a better customer when patronizing some of the work sites most affected by COVID, economically and medically. A little extra kindness goes a long way; cancel reservations you won’t make, be patient, tip, and communicate with your server when you can. 


roadrunner roadrunner

Spin is testing a prototype that will “beep beep” at you if you ride on the sidewalk, which is cute enough so long as non-car users are protected in the streets — which they’re not (80% of scooter deaths involve cars), making this yet another entry in the transit-security theater that mostly consists of government handling anything like responsibility as if it is one of those hot rocks from Temple of Doom. 

Also || “Thousands” at DC marches for Palestine; another one today, remembrance and memorial for No Justice No Pride advocate & activist, 12 creators share a space over 12 months at Union Market, you had cicada anxiety but maybe we can distract you with some rat anxiety? just know Benjamin Banneker was on the case

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Emergency & You

Ready Wizard Eight

The Wizards rode a second-half wave to squeak into the playoffs despite a losing record overall, winning the eight seed and the right to face the Boston Celtics tonight. The winner goes on to the rest of the playoffs. 


“Am I altering your aura, your ideas, your dreams,

or am I merely moving you to temporary and reactive action?”

Washington Project for the Arts and Artsy present Washington Project for the Arts’ 40th Annual Collectors’ Night Benefit Auction to foster a platform for artist-driven projects and dialogue. This year’s theme is “Am I Altering Your Aura,” inspired by poet Audre Lorde, featuring 194 artworks by 96 artists from the DC area and beyond. Bidding is open until May 20th at 6:30 ET


Tuesday talks

AAPI Wikithon: She/They edition

“Less than 19% of Wikipedia biographies in English represent women, and less than 10% of Wikipedia editors identify as women. There are considerable gaps on Wikipedia related to Asian Pacific American history as well as topics about transgender and nonbinary people. You can help correct these imbalances by contributing to Wikipedia.” (4 pm)

Also || tunes: Tomeka Reid + Joe Morris

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