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Juan gone

Following weeks of negotiations, the Nationals traded Juan Soto to the San Diego Padres. It's a stunning development, resulting in various parts from the Nats' post-championship decline, pending sale, and Soto's rejection of a big-but-not-big-enough contract. He's the best young player traded this century and the return shows it -- more here -- but it's impossible to replace this young star in the Nats story.

  • The Nats also included Josh Bell, their slugging first baseman and other top trade chip, in the deadline deal. 


Burn down this boys’ club

Four Black women are suing DC Fire and EMS over racial discrimination claims in a $10 million federal lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that the women received harsher discipline than their white counterparts and were denied opportunities and pay increases. Per their lawyer, the department is a “boys’ club” where Black women and their talents do not receive the recognition they deserve.


[taps the sign]

Drivers don’t heed signage telling drivers to slow down through school zones. Last year, the district recorded its highest number of traffic deaths in 14 years, and any pedestrian could see why. (How many of us have had cars speed up instead of slow down when we're in the crosswalk?) Advocates are asking for more safety in school zones, including raised crosswalks, speed bumps, and curb extensions – and they’re asking for it in marginalized communities first.


Gun violence epidemic 

This week in DC gun violence: Saturday 11 people were shot in 12 hours in six different shootings; Monday, one person was killed and five more shot. It's an epidemic of “easily obtained illegal firearms in the hands of (often young) people who shouldn’t have them” and the sixth mass shooting in DC this year affecting primarily low-income communities of color, who say “when it’s a shooting in the city streets, nothing happens,” even with “all the investments” Mayor Bowser has made for safety.


Apple bottom jeans, boots with the jeans

Are you all jeans all the time? Even when it’s 95 out with a dewpoint of 70? Please fill out our survey on whether you wear jeans in summer. We just wanna talk.

Also || Air and Space Museum partially reopening in October thank god because those little airplanes bring me joy; i’m not crying you are, dog saved from fire; the case for a new progressive bloc in DC politics; landlords really do these things

Game Genius hosts a treasure hunt…

…to promote organizations at the front line of specific causes. From October 1-10, solve this year’s mystery by exploring local bookstores, libraries, and museums. Tickets support literacy in DC.


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Emergency & You

Wednesday August 3rd


Relationship Goals: Me and my bike <3

Learn about new vs used bikes, bike relationship goals, gears, saddles, and everything else you could want to know. After all, riding a bike on a summer night is one of life’s great joys. (6pm)


Upcycle party!

Have you been wanting to change your Nic Cage pillowcase into a dress? Or have you wanted to cut some stylish jorts out of those old jeans? Join the Upcycle Class at Femme Fatale! Have a mystery cocktail and have the upcycle experts help upgrade your wardrobe. (4:30pm)


Also || tunes: Budos Band, boxing and fitness pop up, summer sing along for tenors and basestunes: Fitz and the Tantrums and Andy Grammar (anyone else find Andy Grammar’s ‘nah nah honey i’m good’ such a funny song like he’s saying he could cheat if he wanted to but he won’t, anyway here’s more songs about almost cheating), Akira @ Toki Underground, make your own infused vinegar, Spanking Machine


Thursday August 4th 


Life During the Pandemic 

While some people (me) spent most of the pandemic watching Glee multiple times and learning how to do the worm, NY-based photographer Phil Penman created a stunning art exhibition called “life during the pandemic” that you can go see! (7pm)


Invasive honeysuckle? Not on OUR watch

iInvasive honeysuckle on Mount Vernon Trail is actually really bad; join Friends of the Mount Vernon Trail as they clean up and have a beer together afterwards! (5:30pm)


Pun DMV contest

Contestants get a theme for a vicious pun-off. Example theme: lizards??? Iguana talk about how summer weather sucks, but it’s better than a b-lizard. From the gec-ko I’ve been a big lizard fan (s/o my gecko Wallace), but sometimes his cage skinks. Okay, I don’t want this to drag-on, but this has been a one in chameleon opportunity. Now go to the pun contest and take a shot of teq-Gila. (7:30pm)


Also || DC Burger Battle, book: Mohsin Hamed, Bad Moves at Fort Reno, film: love and other violences, DC Unite for Progress, salsa in the park, happy hour and Wall-E


Friday August 5th 


OutWrite LGBTQ Literary Festival

DC Center’s annual literary festival hosts panels, plays, readings, and workshops where visitors can hear and learn from local LGBTQ authors. (6pm)


Beer Party 

Celebrate International Beer Day at Bark Social in Bethesda where there will be beers in buckets, towers, and perhaps some other surprising drink-holders. (5pm)


Baha Men at the Bullpen 

The artists of the iconic “Who Let the Dogs Out,” and also other songs, are performing at the place that GW students with fake IDs go to get drunk before a baseball game? Anyway, catch this iconic group Friday. (5:00pm-10:00pm)(enough time to play “who let the dogs out” 83 times)


Also || comedy roast, tunes: Bill McKay, walking french impressionism tour, heavyweights comedy, African Diaspora Film Festival, Fridays at the Saloon, Bad Bad Hats (what’s that a hat crazy funky junky hat)


Saturday August 6th 


Won’t you take me to…funky town

Funk Parade is back and better than ever! Music lovers can bounce between four different stages at this free event for charity (you can donate if you cannot attend) up and down U Street. Hosts hope to usher back the rich music history of Black Broadway with artists such as Uncle Mary, Yaj, and Naptown Brass Band. (11am-4pm)


Immigrant-owned mini market

KAMA DC and the Heurich House Museum host a mini market with 10 local small businesses in the biergarten (also home to an exhibit featuring 1,000 objects from the historic Heurich brewery)(also, beer). (3-8pm)


Also || Girls Rock DC (school of rock in real life), see ‘courtney take your break’ live with “legally blonde jr.” please have any other readers seen this tik tok trend i need to talk, dancing on the waterfront, Citi Open continues, tunes: Charli XCX


Sunday August 7th 


Activities two friends in a rom com do while they have a conversation that’s mostly just pointless exposition


Also || Black girl art show, more tunes: Gina Chavez/Elena la Fulana, yappy hour at metrobar


Monday August 8th 


Into to organizing (NOT the Kondo kind)

New and aspiring organizers will get an intro to organizing concepts, determine how to make an overwhelming problem feel manageable, and learn how to build organized power in their communities as part of Rising Organizer's “Organizing for Abortion” series. (12pm)


It’s not all black and white

​​Gallery Underground’s Focus Gallery in Crystal City is exhibiting Courage in Color, a juried show featuring 45 artists from across the US, all of them using color in daring and innovative ways. (10am-6pm)


Also || trivia at Wonderland (quick complaint, i went to trivia here last week and there was a whole round on only christian churches and i wrote ‘pope francis was homophobic and happy when roe v wade was overturned’ and got yelled at in front of everyone, virtual story time with the postal museum


Tuesday August 9th 


Go to a movie

Go to Suns Cinema to see Tahara, an acerbic teen comedy about friends, kissing, funerals, and friends kissing at funerals. Then hang around on their patio to talk about whether you liked it. Suns Cinema: sure, it’s always there, but why not go tonight? (7pm, 9pm)


Inside you there are two wolves

Also || dc ping pong tournament, Courage in color, samba class at bloombars

plan ahead // check out these and more events online @

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