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How you know gentrification is on the menu

There’s a well-documented indicator of gentrification: restaurants. Eater analyzed restaurant health inspection data against Census and Zillow data to map three key phases of urban gentrification progress through its foodscape: the emergence of “third places” like coffee shops frequented by artists and creatives, the flock of larger and pricier restaurants as young professionals follow the first group, and finally, the point of (virtually) no return.

  • We are super-psyched to be starting Black in Place, a 2019 book about the gentrification of H St.

“This 8000 series train” ?!

WMATA has selected Hitachi Rail in a $1 billion contract to build the newest set of 8000-series trains. The new model will sport more digital maps and signage, handlebars, and power plugs. As part of the contract, Hitachi will establish an assembly plant in the area.


Friends without benefits

1099 employees – our city’s drivers, freelance journos, contractors, etc. – are set to run out of benefits in less than a month. The cards are stacked against contract employees at every turn: they don’t qualify for traditional unemployment benefits, cannot apply for extended benefits, and are owed significant back pay. 


Pandemic sends many back to parents

Lockdown job losses have priced many Millennials and Zoomers out of the cities they were flocking to, with others returning as caretakers for affected family members or just out of a general sense of impending mortality. It’s the largest such return since the Great Depression.

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RĀKO Coffee Roasters x Oyster Oyster

Now offering hot & cold beverages, a rotating selection of pastries from Chef Rob Rubba & freshly roasted RĀKO Coffee beans. Get into it!


Emergency & You

Make a pen pal

The recent surge in support for the Postal Service has awoken many snail mail enthusiasts. Harness that energy and sign up to be a pen pal! The deadline to RSVP passed but the organizer is still taking names.

The pandemic-era appeal of labyrinths

What could be more 2020 than going outside, pondering existence and walking in circles? But these “paths to inner peace” have been around longer than that, with popular choices in Georgetown Waterfront Park, St. Aidan’s, St. Luke’s, and the APA. 

Reserve a spot at these beer gardens!

Beer gardens are shaking it up for the pandemic and taking reservations, and these spots have outdoor seating, too – plan ahead and grab your spot.


Reminders from the Weekly Scheduler

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