Wake to Washington

Know your city

With more than just sports stats you can pull legislative information in a snap with Quorum. Join us and your favorite legislators at the annual Congressional Baseball game to get custom baseball cards! ⚾️


Protect queer men

Queer men are most at risk of suffering from monkeypox. (Though, let's be clear, they're not the only ones who can get it.) Many are already suffering as we wait for some sort of urgency in dealing with the outbreak. The effed reality is that the queer community has long endured discrimination by our healthcare system — many are citing the AIDS epidemic — which is only getting worse while the country “ration[s] health care” and only those who are most privileged are able to access those resources: “Whites in DC made up 65% of monkeypox cases and 76% of the vaccinated.”

  • See also: the fallout from Casa Ruby’s closure which leaves queer youth in DC in the lurch.


Emo Week is ours

While no one agrees on what "emo" means in 2022 and at some point we entered emo's fifth wave, the foundational bands (almost none of whom will use the term) are all from DC — so if anyone should be celebrating Emo Week, it's us, and maybe you. Brush up with this A-Z compendium before you break out the eyeliner. 

  • yourscenesucks is old enough to smoke American Spirits now and is, somehow, relevant again.


Grab your mother's keys, we're leaving

The suburbs are… where city-dwelling millennials have moved during the pandemic, most recently. But they join immigrant communities like the one around Eden Center in Falls Church, which have grown in suburbs across the country as cities became less affordable. On how the suburbs are being rewritten, right now, by groups who've left cities but still want communities and urban-ish amenities of their own. 


Venus Williams is visiting!!

Rock Creek Park Tennis Center is back to hosting its annual Citi Open tournament this weekend through the 7th. The tournament is part of Arthur Ashe’s legacy, who wanted to bring the rich people sport out of the country club and into the public. Tickets are as low as $25 and proceeds will go to the Washington Tennis & Education Foundation. This year will be Ms. Williams’ first City Open!

Also || Clarence Thomas backs out of teaching GW Constitutional Law class; don't credit owl city; Selita Lee found safe, per MPD; "I don't know if I like what I like or what an algorithm wants me to like"; violence intervention at Children's Hospital; Howard Homecoming to be in person again; teaching the next generation; Major Microgreens; porn on Spotify

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Emergency & You

Dough love lost

For folks who want a less substantial pie, or want to reminisce about a freezer section pizza of their choice, there's "tavern pizzas": quick, thin, and crispy. Try one at one of these locations around town


Keke Palmer every day

NOPE has been out for almost a week but I just spent an evening rewatching all of Keke Palmer’s viral interviews and I now consider her a close, personal friend. Enjoy Peele’s latest (and Keke’s starpower) at the Angelika Popup! (7:30pm)


Off base: climate changeup

Instead of getting drunk and watching a group of republicans who probably voted against gay marriage and a woman’s right to choose ... shut down the Congressional Baseball Game with WV rising. 


Night Alley! Like Diagon Alley, but not created by a transphobe

After a two-year hiatus, Night Alley is back at Jailbreak Brewery. Local star chefs, delicious beer, and DJs will make this a free night you don’t want to miss. (7pm)

Also || tunes: Iron & Wine, Andrew Bird even if you can’t go to the concert please listen to ‘pulaski at night’, tunes: Sensor Ghost, Fun Fair, tunes: Mellow Swells, fashion on film, guided walking tour of U Street, sauf house turns 8 years old and wild i didn’t get free tickets there after all the vibes i bring there, visit dunder mifflin

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