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Know your city.

Better Food For a Better You

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Fringe begins

Capital Fringe, a leading local showcase of independent culture and performing arts, starts its annual run with eight shows on 7/14. See day one programming and the complete festival lineup here.


Color-coded happy-hours

A very beautiful guide to happy hours around the city, courtesy of fellow DC fixer Jade Womack x Clockout DC.


Bastille Day!

Celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday Bastille Day! (oui, oui!) Enjoy a tour of famous French Americans (6pm), or dance to some french DJ music (4pm), or celebrate at the park! (2pm)


Live! At the Library!

Join the Library of Congress as they extend their hours followed by a showing of (the original and the best version of) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which is canonically a prequel to Snowpiercer. (5pm)


District Fray’s Experiential Issue Launch Party

Enjoy ARTECHOUSE’s most recent exhibit, Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies, while partying with local magazine District Fray to celebrate their newest issue launch. (7pm)

Also || Sketch Comedy: Bad Medicine, black-only activist care/discussion space, tunes: Femi Kuti, ecstatic dance, comedy at Kelly’s, flip chart comedy: ADHD, art: Washington landscapes, spy museum turns 20, art: artistic interventions @ Transformer, consider some cult classics

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Emergency & You

Dial 988 to talk to someone 

Starting Saturday, the new national mental health crisis number 988 will connect anonymous callers or texters to trained counselors based at local crisis centers. DC has one local center, The Department of Behavioral Health, which can then connect people to many more local community-based service providers. There are also nearby centers in MD and VA.


“There is no image that is more important than a person’s feelings.”

What are the ethics of walking into a community and walking away with their stories? It’s Nice That investigates this question with four photographers, who collectively build out the tenets of non-extractive, trauma-informed storytelling. It’s sort of the same approach to being a good human: prioritizing consent, building authentic trust, mitigating harm, and being honest about your intentions, among other things. 


Workers Hate This! Defang Any Law With This One Weird Trick

DC has had a ban on non-compete agreements on the books since 2020. But it starts and stops there thanks to a regulatory trick — the law was passed by the Council but has no funding for enforcement, and [we're tapping the sign] anything that's not enforced is still legal. The DC Council is working on a version of the law that would actually do something, but big business wants carve-outs and loopholes. 


Did they read the station name or something?

Starbucks is closing 16 stores across the United States, including the Union Station location. The company took the unusual step of preemptively releasing a statement defending the relatively small number of closures, citing "safety concerns." A number of the 16 affected stores were formally mid-unionization. And unionization efforts at local Starbucks locations are picking up steam

  • Earlier this year, Starbucks workers at a New York store alleged that the company closed a location in retaliation for unionization efforts. The union has filed an NLRB complaint

Also || in honor of Mary McLeod Bethune; the psychology of class; a metaphor???; DCPL’s “Flow” swag bag; bears that know trash day and other ways animals adapt to city life; entrepreneurship and culture with Nayef Issa; weird racist Union Market email; in a warming world, the grass is plastic; Montgomery County ballot design hides some candidates

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