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The true colors of DC campaigns

Yes, you should check out our election guide one last time if you’re voting today, but if you’re a single-issue voter passionate about graphic design, we have the story for you: An extremely scientific analysis of DC campaigns color palettes. It’s not just Grays and Greens and Oranges in the names of our local pols—they’re significantly more colorful with their branding than national candidates!


DCPS postpones in-person instruction at elementary schools

DCPS has been facing pressure for weeks from both parents and teachers to reconsider its reopening plans, but the “staffing challenges” resulting from Monday's walkout by the Washington Teacher’s Union may have provided the final nudge.


All Eyez on Lafayette Square

More revelations from this summer’s infamous incident: facial recognition technology was instrumental in identifying and arresting a protester who scuffled with Park Police. Court documents for the case reveal the widespread use of a secretive new facial recognition database (NCRFRILS) employed roughly 12,000 times in the past year (!), and its troubling implications for our First Amendment rights. 


Why do so many queer folks love urbanism?”

For many gay Americans, cities can be safer, more accepting communities, bringing together interests and identity. “Queerness is a reflection of the fact that there are a lot of different ways to live. Urbanism works similarly in that it gives people choices as to how they want to live.”


Three neighbors, three obituaries

Also || Bloomingdale’s Boundary Stone to shutter indefinitely 11/25, Deaf U final episode recap, fortress White House takes 45+ mins to walk around“Birth Control Way”, longread from Georgetown prof: “On liberty, security, and our system of racial capitalism

Emergency & You

A day of civic action

Zen and Zone Out

If you want to spend the evening *apart* from your TV and poll results, create a zen space with a virtual terrarium making or flower arranging class, complete with materials and video instructions. (varies)

Also || exhibit: Outbreak, Plant exploration, talk: The digital divide in schools; creative writing hour

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