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Work for the Pinto campaign? In this economy?

The Ward 2 Councilmember is drawing criticism for offering the equivalent of $28k/year for a “mostly remote” full-time Field Director position, just six weeks ahead of her general election. The salary, already considered well below the range for similar campaign positions, becomes downright Dickensian when factoring in requirements that applicants reside in DC and have the “flexibility” to work long hours and weekends


There’s a whole dang arena in Congress Heights, y’all

The Board of Elections is turning several sites like Nats Park into “voting supercenters” for voters from any precinct — but still do not plan to open one east of the Anacostia, where residents experienced some of the longest lines during the messy June primary. BOE plans to add in more ballot drop boxes and voting sites in Wards 7 and 8 to compensate for the lack of a super site, but it’s unclear if the messaging around how to vote will reach everyone. 


Ethics ref calls a technical foul 

An update to a story from last month: DC’s Board of Ethics and Government Accountability fined Rashad Young $2,500 for “inadvertently committing a technical violation” when he used his role as City Administrator to negotiate a larger (multimillion dollar) tax abatement for Howard University — and then went to go work at Howard. 


The metrics system

After relying for too long on a confusing graph of new cases that would often have people arguing over whether cases were declining or not, the official coronavirus website has transitioned to a much more legible dashboard, which indicates the progress being made towards specific reopening metrics. Sorry if you’re red-green colorblind, though. 

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Straight from the source

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Emergency & You

Put some pawpaws in your maw

It’s pawpaw season, bitches — and they’re not decorative. The only “tropical” fruit native to temperate climates thrives in our region, and have been making a comeback recently. If you’re looking to do some foraging or want to get some seeds for your own garden, now’s the time!


Tour de 50 states

If you’ve got a bike, a fanny pack full of snacks, and 30 hours to burn (and who doesn’t these days?), you can see all the state-themed streets the city has to offer! Don’t let the 60-miles fool you — the winding route and the hills make this one tough ride, one many say is harder than 100-milers.  


Reminders from the Weekly Scheduler

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