Wake to Washington

Lockdown in luxury. They lived it.

As many DC residents face a neverending onslaught of pandemic stressors—job losses, evictions, mounting debtWashingtonian reveals the Parasite-esque alternate reality of “white-collar quarantine” for the city’s wealthiest: doctors who make yacht calls, bespoke hand sanitizer dispensers, and the (not) relatable struggles of socially distancing from one’s fleet of housekeepers. 


Evicted in absentia

Despite DC’s ban on evictions during the pandemic, unscrupulous landlords are still taking advantage of a fraudulent notification process to oust renters. A new investigation into thousands of court records show the city’s primary process servers, tasked with giving tenants formal notice of their eviction hearings, only managed to do so 0.4 percent of the time. 


U Hall packs up

The U St institution best known for electronic music shows is turning its legendary sound system to 0. This comes as no surprise: owner and DJ Will Eastman told Slate two weeks ago that without a federal Save Our Stages act, “you can do everything right and still fail.”  


Who do you work for? 

Many of our readers are in the stage of their careers when they might be holding their nose as they “gain experience” with a lobbyist or PR firm with bad clients. If you can possibly avoid doing this, don’t do it. Don’t get us wrong, work should not be your life, and choosing where you work is a privilege.

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Cowabunga, Dude!

RĀKO Coffee Roasters is now popping up Wednesday-Sunday in the Oyster Oyster garage space. Coffee & pastries in the day, beer & pizza at night. 1440 8th St. NW in Shaw. Totally Radical!


Emergency & You

Patrice Khan-Cullors

A co-founder of Black Lives Matter shares her memoir with Politics & Prose. (4 pm)


Ye olde pandemic past times

If you’re already sick of your quarantine hobbies, the Smithsonian’s panel of historians, museum curators, and old timey game-designers will be serving up some Spanish flu-era lessons on how folks enjoyed the great indoors. (4pm


Origins of antifa

Just a few days following the anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street, hear Rutgers professor Mark Bray explain where antifascists come from and how they've stopped fascism before. (7 pm)

Also || Creatives Helping Creatives, talk: Origins of Antifa, Lenny Kravitz memoir, free concert at KenCen
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