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What’s permissible

A homeless encampment was scheduled to be cleared earlier this month to make way for a sidewalk cafe in Dupont. City officials called it off when the cafe didn’t have tables and chairs in time, and over 30 ANC commissioners are asking for guarantees to ensure permits won’t be given where there are existing encampments. The city has been limiting engagements with encampments, but it’s unclear how long that position will last.


Asphalt art

DDOT is installing street murals at five locations from Logan Circle to Mount Pleasant this summer as part of a safety and mobility study. Curb bumpouts, parking restrictions, and green bicycle crossing pavement markings will accompany the murals, inspired by local artists, the history of the intersection’s neighborhood, and Vision Zero.


Put on your tin foil hat

ICYMI: the feds’ new ho-hum report on UFO sightings from the past 17 years dropped last week, leaving many thoroughly underwhelmed by the report’s inconclusive findings. You wouldn’t know it from the headlines, but DC was once a city obsessed with tales of flying saucers and little green men, including one sighting that launched an investigation by the Air Force and even more eyewitness reports in recent years.


Teenage (vaccine) dream

Though DC is currently ahead of its vaccination targets for adults, there’s still a ways to go in getting doses to the youth, particularly those in Wards 7 and 8. Since teens in the DMV became eligible last month, disparities in their vaccination rates appear to fall along the same racial and economic fault lines as the adult population. City officials are trying to close the gap with targeted outreach, door-knocking campaigns and, in a pinch, gift cards. 

Also || weed becomes legal in VA Thursday, record-breaking heat in Portland melts transit, Metro approves plans for electric bus fleet by 2045, longread: federal funds don’t give local gov’ts the option to build back and better

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Emergency & You

Never a bad time to support your local guild

Check out some of the excellent reasons the staff of the Washingtonian are unionizing and then let their CEO know she better recognize (them). Every letter counts!


Rally to end fossil fuel subsidies

As the Pacific Northwest bakes and we’re not so cool ourselves, the US government continues to give money away to Big Oil and other polluters. Stand up not just for future generations but yourself, one day after Sunrise protesters were arrested at the White House. (9-11 am)


Tenant Pride

Quoting from Urban Institute, local activist Japer Bowles points out that DC landlords quote gay men more in rent than their straight peers. Get educated with a “Reclaiming Rent Control 101” organized by the Stonewall Democrats and the ANC Rainbow Caucus, along with poetry and drag. (6:30 pm)


“We should start a podcast!”

We know you’ve thought about it after a funny back-and-forth with your friends. Now NPR has a new book on creating your own pod - head to the launch party to get all the tips. (pretty sure it is all about getting a cool "bum bum" or "bing bing" noise for your transitions). (8pm


Sunset movie alert

Feeling so-low these days? This week, you can catch a screening of Solo at the National Building Museum for a pick-me-up. Feel free to bring friends, there’s no need to actually go solo. (7:30pm)

Also || free bingo night at union market, art: aimé mpane, “a vision to celebrate Pennsylvania Avenue”, reserve a workout spot on the National Mall, help a friend get vaccinated and receive $51

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