Wake to Washington

The law in action today—on World Ocean Day! 

Earthjustice lawyers work every day to safeguard marine life, stop offshore drilling, reform fisheries management, and combat climate change.  Learn more and join us today.


Love under lockdown

Take a break from endlessly debating whether we’re really on the precipice of some kind of unhinged bacchanalia this summer (probably not) and read all the pandemic sex stories Washingtonian compiled. In between the more salacious tales of pod hookups, Fauci name-calling, and kinky N95 shenanigans are insights into the multitudinous ways people stayed sane and connected in quarantine. 


Cicadas are definitely on our radar

Hurricane Cicada coming through? There are so many cicadas in the DC region right now that they’re showing up on the weather radar. So, next time you see that green spot moving through the weather screen, double check if it’s a rainstorm or a few billion cicadas. Other prominent spots for cicadas:


Bike trail across the US shouldn’t have to fight semis

Cars have been able to drive coast-to-coast uninterrupted since 1913. When will bikes be able to do the same? To bike from Washington DC to Washington state currently requires negotiating 1,782 miles on roads shared with semis, F-150s, and RVs. The Rails to Trails Conservancy has proposed a route of bike trails to get you there, but 90 gaps still remain. 


New rent strike just dropped

With the end of the eviction moratorium looming, residents in several buildings, like Marbury Plaza in SE, and now LaSalle Park in PG County, are responding with rent strikes. Rent strikes have a long history in the DMV and elsewhere (to the dismay of landlords) and, in the absence of substantive legislative protections, can be a remarkably effective tactic in the fight for safe and equitable housing. 


Ridesharing? Be ready to pay

A confluence of pent-up demand and fewer drivers means ridesharing costs are up, sometimes astronomically. Uber and Lyft are focused on trying to repair their broken image with drivers, but a combination of pandemic conditions, better options and abusive work conditions make it a raw deal for many—see our interview last year with Dr. Katie Wells.

Also || another nonprofit tries to bridge the east/west economic divide, 20% of DC homes sold this year went for $1M, post-pandemic busyness hangover, pop up art gallery opening on 14th street, push to protect legacy businesses

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Emergency & You

Survey: Snap back to IRL

How are you adjusting to reopening? How have your experiences over the past year shaped these attitudes? And what from the pandemic will you be carrying forward? Take our survey and help us understand how the COVID-19 pandemic will shape a generation of Washingtonians


Celebrating local literature

The Inner Loop’s new program, Author's Corner — an Amazon Literary Partnership — teams up with Reveler’s Hour, Pie Shop, and Shaw’s Tavern to put local authors on the menu. Nine “up and coming” DC-area authors who have published books with small presses during the pandemic will be spotlighted. Watch for a QR code and scan for reviews, radio interviews and more—and check out a physical “Author’s Corner” at The Potter’s House where the authors’ books are on physical display for sale.


“We Starve Ourselves and Each Other”

Learn about the intersection of hunger, activism, and identity in conversation with Katie Anania, art history professor and curator. She explores the role of hunger and hunger strikes in 1970s activism through lesbian poets, artists, and labor strikes. (5pm)


Art in the park(ing) lot

Party down at Comet Ping Pong’s outdoor launch of a curated arts video show on food and design (among other things). Ticket proceeds will go towards funding Transformer’s future programming for the arts.


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