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Let the dogs out

Marijuana was legalized in the District back in 2015, but MPD dogs are apparently the last to know — a new report from the Office of Police Complaints reveals that DC police are still using them to sniff out drugs during (often illegal) vehicle searches. Despite vague promises to phase out the units trained in weed detection, MPD still has 21 active canine teams, with four more in training; it doesn’t look like any of these dogs will be granted early retirement to go do literally anything else.


Teens against denial

DC parents are going on the offensive to challenge the Council’s ruling last year allowing minors to be vaccinated without their permission, on grounds that it violates religious freedoms. That’s the overt claim, but reading between the lines, there’s also thinly veiled terror at ceding any parental authority, even as kids continue to go to extraordinary lengths for life-saving shots. 


Baby bonds got back? 

Under DC’s current $17.5 billion budget proposal, kids under 300% of the federal poverty line would have up to $1,000 placed in a trust fund annually, accessible on their 18th birthday. The council votes Tuesday on the budget, and while this step could be transformative, many advocates have called for more funding through taxes on high-income residents to improve homeless services, early childhood education, and support for undocumented workers. 


“It’s like this little cabal”

Some Adams Morgan business owners are calling for the dissolution of the Adams Morgan Business Improvement District, arguing that they represent narrow interests of a few property owners while everyone foots the bill. Adams Morgan businesses pay thousands in additional taxes each year (averaging around $3,000) to the BID for “supplemental services.” It’s not just Adams Morgan--there are 10 other BIDs in the city that operate this way too. You’d probably recognize their lamppost signs. 

Also || a new version of Jazz in the Garden is coming back in July, food hall coming to Friendship Heights, 25% of home sales in DC this year were bought with all cash wtfh, section of Lee Highway renamed Langston Boulevard

Dragons, peacocks, oh my!

The Freer Gallery of Art is open! Visit the Peacock Room, see the world’s largest collection of Hokusai paintings & drawings, and more. Fridays-Tuesdays, 10 am–5:30 pm. Plan your visit!


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Emergency & You

Giveaway: EventsDC’s weekend concert series

That’s right, we’re giving away tickets to concerts by hometown heroes Robert Randolph (Thursday), Junkyard Band (Friday), Thievery Corporation (Saturday) and Jason Cerda (Sunday). To enter, get a friend to sign up for 730DC -- then send us their name at Winners will choose their rewards in the order they are drawn! 


Crazy Aunt Helens comes to Capitol Hill

Thrillist gives the new homestyle American restaurant a hearty endorsement, writing that the space -- designed by the owner of Miss Pixie’s on 14th! -- lives up to the claim from chef Mykie Moll (Doi Moi, Mintwood Place, Pom Pom) that Crazy Aunt Helen’s will be like “eating at your grandmother’s house, where love and care are put into every dish.”


Cocktail demo

Learn how to make tasty summer cocktails using farm fresh herbs and fruits at Common Good City Farm’s demo - proceeds will go towards supporting the farm’s pay-what-you-can model at future 2021 markets.



Spontaneous Smithsonian visit

Most Smithsonians return to admitting visitors without pre-timed entry passes today, so you can visit to your heart’s content without signing up beforehand. Thinking about visiting the National Museum of African American History and Culture or the pandas? You’ll still need to sign up for free tickets. (10am-5:30pm)


An abun-dance of fun

Hillwood is hosting Krystal Collins + the new growth collective for a dance choreographed to accompany a new sculpture installation. Come a bit early to explore the gardens + picnic before the show! (5:30pm)

Also ||
Maker talk: miniature paintings, talk: “Through Ebony Eyes: Preserving the Legacy of Blacks on the Chesapeake”, talk: history of jazz in DC (recording)

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