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How you experienced the pandemic

In part two, we continue to summarize responses to our June survey of readers’ experiences and attitudes towards the pandemic one year in. The first installment looked at reopening; this time we ask about ~how you’re doing,~ learning that: 

If you’re curious how people are processing, we also include over 60 open responses from readers.


It’s hard to be in the know on where to go in this heat

DC operates 37 cooling facilities, from public libraries to outdoor pools whenever the local temperature is forecast above 95 degrees. But often neither the facilities themselves, nor unhoused residents, know they’re available. As climate normals for the region grow hotter, there’s a need for clearer messaging and more accessible ways to stay cool, for individuals and the city as a whole


“For just as West Virginia has mountains, so the District of Columbia has taxation without representation”

“Taxation without representation” license plates may feel just as core to DC as Florida’s oranges, but the slogan has actually only been on DC’s official plate since 2000, replacing the vague slogan “Create & Discover.” Plates made starting in 2016 now read End taxation with representation, just to be clear that it’s not what we’re here for.


We are once again asking you to diagnose this bird ailment

Local scientists are still stumped by what’s driving the numerous reports of sickly or dying birds sighted around the Mid-Atlantic the past few weeks. Starting in late May, birds were found with the same strange cluster of symptoms: seizures, blindness, swollen eyes. Here’s how you can help:


WMATA Inspector General is on the case

A new report from the OIG found that DC transit police failed to adequately investigate over 3,000 criminal incidents — roberries, sexual assault, kidnapping, and everything in between —that occurred on the metro between 2010 and 2017. Even more alarmingly, MTPD was unable to produce any kind of investigative documentation for 85% of the case files, making follow-up impossible. 

Also || Bye, Phylicia, Baby Shark is back & chomping for the Nats; Scherzer left out of ASG, tunes: “Best Life” from Dear Daria, city says masks won’t come back even if Delta surges??, Kennedy St collapse remains mystery, Taco Bell Cantina downgraded, Bowser’s whoopsie tweet

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Emergency & You

So much more than a scratch post

Multidisciplinary artists behind the Georgia ave popup But, also are working to create accessible, supportive spaces for artists. Visit their current exhibition of sculptural cat towers at 3015 Georgia Ave NW.


Bingo was his name, oh!

Get back into in-person socializing with a friendly game of bingo and dinner from Union Market. (6pm)


P&P author panel for our current moment

Join Politics and Prose’s virtual panel for a discussion on the impacts of modern capitalism on work, inequality, and gender with authors Heather Berg, Sarah Jaffe (whose Belabored podcast is fantastic), and Gabriel Winant (whose writing at n +1 has been some of the best on COVID politics to date). (6pm)

Also || flowers at Salt & Sundry

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