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Mutual aid groups still need your help

After half a year on the grind, local mutual aid groups are running low on funds and volunteers. Some have had to cut back on deliveries and financial assistance to those in need and all are combating burnout and turnover. “It is very clear that the government is just not going to take care of us.” 

  • If you're able to help, here's a directory of mutual aid groups in every ward

  • Our subject line is from the 1902 book on mutual aid by Pyotr Kropotkin, which influenced not only anarchists but also biologists studying cooperation and the history of human evolution. (If we really lived like Rousseau's noble savage, alone in the forest, we never would have made it this far. Mutual aid is, as one person says in the piece blurbed above, "survival.")

Went through the desert for a team with no name

Fans weren't allowed at yesterday's Washington Football Team game against the Arizona Cardinals, and neither were the Snyders, both of whom are in quarantine "out of an abundance of caution" after a longtime friend tested positive for coronavirus. The Washington Football Team lost to Arizona 15-30. La, la, la-ah la la la la…


“We’ve all started calling it ‘the Senseless’”

Census workers across the country are scrambling to complete the national count weeks earlier than originally planned, and many told Reveal that the tech that was supposed to revolutionize the process is getting in their way. The Washington Informer reported earlier this month only half of households in Wards 7 and 8 had been recorded. You can fill it out online through September 30, if you haven’t yet. (To level up, also check your voter registration).


Thousands thank Ruth

People gathered in front of the Supreme Court Friday and throughout the weekend to pay respects to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a legal, cultural, and feminist icon. President Trump announced this weekend that he plans to nominate a replacement, who he says will be a woman, in the coming week.


The future of the Metro

Ridership and revenue are down as much as 90% on some lines, but federal CARES Act funding has filled the gap. If that runs out, as it’s expected by the end of the year, the Metro Board of Directors has proposed cuts to hours and service. They’ll vote on the changes in November, after a public comment period.

Also || From Baltimore fire station to museum paying tribute to Black firefighters, Levain Bakery opens in Georgetown (with lines down the block), Arlington County to launch review of logo and place names, an oral history of Wishbone

Live Your Best Coffee Life

RĀKO Coffee Roasters offers complimentary brew guides with every order to help you craft your perfect cup from the comfort of your own home. Why not try something new?


Emergency & You

Become a birder

If you haven’t yet (apparently lots of you have), now’s the time. Millions of migratory birds began crowding the skies this weekend and should continue passing through our area for a few days before heading south. Listen at night, when they migrate, or look for them foraging for berries and bugs in the morning. Our area's most expansive parks will have the most birds, but anywhere with a tree canopy will draw migratory dinosaur descendents. 


Montgomery County parks add rec

Cheap date idea: Nine parks in Montgomery County got the go-ahead to allow alcohol consumption through May 2021 through the county's Picnic in the Park initiative. Using the Picnic in the Park website and QR codes placed on location, park attendants can order food and drink delivery to specific locations in county parks. Delivery started Friday. (If you bring your own, a heads up that it’s technically only allowed in the “designated picnic areas.”)


Virtual meditation

Spend your lunch break enjoying a free meditation session hosted by the Smithsonian's National Museum of Asian Art. The session will include mindfulness practices. (12:15 pm)


Reminders from the Weekly Scheduler:

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