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Clean energy + bold and equitable solutions.

We can address the climate crisis and move urgently to zero emissions and 100% clean energy.  Earthjustice lawyers are using the power of the law to make this happen.  


Long live the queer dance party

When Sarah Massey relocated to Paris last March, she longed for a liberating, intimate connection with her circle in DC but struggled to find a safe platform that allowed nudity and sexual content without the (valid) paranoia of Big Tech’s surveillance. She started her own video call platform called freeQ for the queer community to dance, celebrate, and connect. Major events like SF’s Folsom Street Fair and Portland’s KinkFest have turned to freeQ for their virtual programming, and an all-virtual interactive freeQ PrideFest is on the way.


Grocery pickers pushed to the limit

COVID prompted millions of people to start ordering groceries online, and grocers are scrambling to find the right combination of tech and labor to deliver this massive convenience. “Pickers” working for the grocer or a third party, are dinged for items out of stock and long lines at deli counters, and even surveilled by overhead cameras and smart glasses.


Ode to small menus

Between the pandemic & rising food costs, restaurants - ranging from Applebee’s to our own Maydan - are shortening their menus. (Maydan specifically went from a la carte to prix fixe family-style, and likely won’t go back.) And as they should - short menus bring you right to what the restaurant does best, and true luxury is letting the expert choose for you.


DC hikes up your power bill

DC regulators approved Potomac Electric Power Company’s multi-year rate plan to allow the company to recover $108.6 million through higher rates from 2020 to 2022. It’s supposed to incentivize them to cooperate with DC’s renewable energy goal—100% by 2032—but it couldn’t have come at a worse time, considering district residents are still struggling financially from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Also || Jimmy Valentine's is coming backDC & VA hospitals will require staff to be vaccinated, the VA gov’s ticket is all NoVa, Apple will make it much harder for newsletters to understand open rates

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Emergency & You

Afro Bahia festival

Celebrating the Afro-descended women of Brazil, this virtual event will pay homage to “feminine ancestors, nurturers, teachers, spiritual leaders, scholars and performers.” (9:30pm)


Tunes: Irreversible Entanglements

Once you get into the free jazz of area luminaries Luke Stewart, Moor Mother and Keir Nuringer, you can never get out! (Outdoors, 7 pm)


Her Flag

The National Museum of Women in the Arts is hosting Her Flag, a traveling art project created by artist Marilyn Artus to mark the 100th-anniversary of women’s right to vote. (10am - 5 pm)


Movies on the Potomac

Head to the National Harbor to enjoy a waterfront screening of O Brother, Where Art Thou. More movies will be shown every Thursday at 7pm this June. 


Also || talk: racism in america, talk: Latinx art, climate town hall, outdoor pilates, spring recruitment fair
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