Wake to Washington

Weekend worriers

During the first weekend without COVID-19 restrictions, it may not surprise you to learn that businesses are struggling to balance express permission to reopen with the way CDC guidance created an honor system for the unvaccinated. While they legally can, businesses told the Post they were shying away from checking vaccinations at the door, fearing confrontations. 


We know how it goes with police reform

A joint public hearing on the DC Police Reform Commission report and reform legislation took eight hours, including comments from 60 different activists and commission members. While public commentators emphasized initiating changes as soon as possible, Bowser’s administration reflexively pushed back on calls to shrink MPD and remove officers from schools


Souring on sweets

A bill imposing a per-ounce tax on soda, juices, and other artificially sweetened drinks had its first hearing last Wednesday. The Nutrition Equity Amendment Act of 2021 would revise the city's 8% sales tax on soft drinks to a steeper tax of 1.5 cents per ounce, with a goal of flattening soft drink consumption across the city, citing adverse health outcomes. Already questioners are lining up to contend whether the tax is racially regressive or a boon for public health in food deserts


The Blue line’s back, baby

After three months of work, Metro’s Blue line returned to service Sunday along with two rebuilt stations, Arlington Cemetery and Addison Road. With demand down — currently 85 percent lower than pre-pandemic rates — WMATA says they were able to finish the work more quickly. 

Also || Also back: traffic; DC Office of Government Ethics director gets a new gig in space; new kinda-racist local business logo just dropped; "neighborhood crime app" Citizen's anarcho-capitalist vision; the New York highway that racism built; exploring suburban food; tesla vs. tiny cars, Roman Mars digs DC's Beauty Pill

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Emergency & You

Rally for teacher representation

The Representation in Education Pipeline Project hosts a rally calling to increase investment in teacher diversity & representation in the district. (5pm)


First People’s poetry

Joy Harjo, a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation, is the first Native poet to serve as U.S. Poet Laureate. She joins Deborah A. Miranda and Eric Gansworth to present her new anthology of First Peoples poetry. (8pm)


Drop in & draw

The Washington Studio School & the DC Art Model Collective host a free virtual drop-in figure drawing session. (7pm)


Also || What matters to millennial Jews, DC9 livestream: Rachel Levitin, Loving Before Loving (v. Virginia)

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