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Ending mask mandates, states say "ssssomebody stop me!"

In line with new CDC guidance, Maryland and Virginia ended mask mandates this weekend, implementing a kind of cursed honor system. Some places, like Maryland’s Montgomery County, still have their own mask mandates in place. Yes, it's messy.


MetroAccess workers end strike (for now)

Schedulers and dispatchers for MetroAccess, Metro's last-mile mobility service for people with disabilities, went on strike Friday seeking higher wages. A union negotiator said most make less than $15 an hour. Under a back-to-work agreement, striking workers returned to work on Saturday, though the union that represents most Metro employees warns that a second, extended MetroAccess strike is an option. 


ISO: A couple oilmen in from Dallas 

Drivers panic-buying gasoline drained DC: By noon on Friday, close to 90% of the District’s gas stations were without fuel. Our supply is supposed to be replenished starting this week, after Colonial Pipelines paid its hackers a reported $5 million. And lest you think local drivers are above hoarding fuel in stupid ways, police are investing a real-life The Gang Solves The Gas Crisis gasoline van in Landover.


Just a little off the top

Plans for the signature drill-bit-shaped building at Amazon HQ2 in Crystal CityNational Landing are in question. The group managing National Airport says the Meeting Tower of Bezos is too tall, in violation of FAA safety regulations. As a result, the company could have to scale back plans or just lop off the top 13 feet. 



Artists without IRL publicity opportunities are bringing their creativity to their business models. Rhizome DC and Guilded: A Freelancers Cooperative are launching a new community-supported art program. Repurposing the model used for agriculture, subscribers will receive art from local creators at three intervals this summer. 

Also || Nat’l Guard now leaving May 23, ongoing concerns about conditions in DC Jail’s solitary “safe cells”, Congress Heights residents protest liquor store’s license renewal, new director at the Arlington Arts Center, opening today: Bread for the City Center in SE; that time an a-tack-er took down Tipper Gore's tires; evergreen: people say cleaner and more frequent service will encourage their return to Metro, really; coming soon, even more beeping scooters

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Emergency & You

Make movie night plans

Outdoor screenings, drive-ins, and socially distanced indoor theatres are all back this summer. Scope out your options for a summer flick.


Community yoga in Lincoln Park 

Abe had to be flexible to do all that wrestlin’, not to mention all that compromisin’, and you can be too. (6pm)

Also || Nou Pap Bliye: A Haitian Coloring Book, poetry book club: postcolonial love poem, all your vaccine promos

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