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Another DC home for Homer D. Poe

Proposals are in for "Reservation 13," a plot of city-owned land between the DC Jail, RFK Stadium, and 19th Street SE that faces the Anacostia River. It once housed hospital-turned-homeless shelter DC General. As one of the largest such lots in the city, there are plenty of ideas and opinions about how it should be used — from affordable and mixed-income housing and parkland to an assisted living facility and a Home Depot. [Please don't make it a Home Depot.]


"A voice to the voiceless"

The DC Jail has effectively had its own ANC district since 2011, but the seat has never been filled. After an outreach campaign at the jail, five people are now running to represent 7F07, all currently incarcerated. The historic June 15 election fits into a larger DC voter enfranchisement push, but development in the area (see above) could complicate future votes.


Accident or new tier of economy?

A Frontier Airlines flight from Denver overshot the runway at DCA on Friday night, coming to a stop in the grass by the tarmac. No one was injured; passengers and carry-on luggage were bused to the terminal. (Avgeeks: Here’s the audio with a reconstruction). 


"Purgatory, Golden Hour"

In an essay for ARTNews, local writer Kyle Chayka writes about taking up a new (old?) hobby, understanding a "lost year" through a daily art practice, and learning neighbors and neighborhood parks by drawing them: "They're fixed in my mind in the way that few things are from … 2020."

Density doesn't have to be scary

In Los Angeles, a search for strategies to densify under the radar leads to the mythical "missing middle" of small fourplex apartment buildings, home clusters sharing yards, and repurposed alleys. Here's how we could do similarly here.

Also || Absent months of promised federal aid, more local tenants organize; NFTs are over; free transit or more frequent transit?; "five offers, 2 all cash, all over $900,000"; on a walk for broken sidewalks; a summer for the kids, too; DCPS now drug-testing volunteers, contractors (including THC); Maryland phasing out mass vax sites

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Emergency & You

Survey: Snap back to IRL

How are you adjusting to reopening? How have your experiences over the past year shaped these attitudes? And what from the pandemic will you be carrying forward? Take our survey and help us understand how the COVID-19 pandemic will shape a generation of Washingtonians


Mind, body, and soul 

Practice yoga and meditation with Yoga District. Visit their website to join in online or outdoor classes. (sign up)


Alley gallery

If you want to see art without a timed entry pass, this year’s Exposed DC photography show is being hosted by Mt. Pleasant’s Lost Origins gallery — in the alley next to Ellē. It features 36 images that “tell the story of modern-day life in the District,” and will be open until June 27. (You can also see them online).

Also || Shabbat Clusters, join young non-profit org; register for the Z-Burger eating contest (if you dare)

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