Wake to Washington

Infrastructure isn’t cheap—especially in America

Why is that? Short version: Everything is more expensive here, plus we put off repairs for so long (austerity) that they’re expensive once we have to do them.


Mayor’s office has resources to match rent needs

As an end to eviction moratoriums comes into focus, Mayor Bowser has more resources at her disposal than most of her peers. “We have enough relief money to take care of all of the rental housing debt,” Bowser said, citing bureaucratic difficulties for why it’s not a done deal yet. 


Put that in your pipe and please don’t smoke it

DC Council voted to ban flavored tobaccos except those consumed at hookah lounges, including menthol cigarettes, and vapes can’t be sold within a quarter-mile of schools, either. Councilmember George dissented, pushing for more inspection of equity impacts. (Blunt impact: It’s unclear whether Swisher Sweets will be covered…)



“Rockville, Maryland-based on-demand manufacturing marketplace Xometry officially began trading on the NASDAQ, and raised just over $300 million in the process.” What is an on-demand manufacturing marketplace? We’re not sure, but some new millionaire celebrating on 14 St this weekend will surely be able to tell you.

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Emergency & You

Working up an appetite

A spate of new openings won’t restore the restaurants closed during the pandemic, but you can look forward to: 


Cookout history

It’s cookout season, but when did it first start? Food writer and certified barbecue judge Adrian Miller looked into how Black barbecuers and restaurateurs helped develop the cookout as a cornerstone in American culture in his new book, Black Smoke: African Americans and the United States of Barbecue. The writer is giving a lecture based on his findings at the Smithsonian. (6:45pm)


Reminders from the Weekly Scheduler

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