Wake to Washington

Know your city

We all want to feel safe

Gunshots fired outside Nationals Park on Saturday night injured three people and halted the Nats-Padres game. Inside the stadium, fans, staff, and players sought cover behind seats and even in the dugouts. The night before, 6-year-old Nyiah Courtney was killed in a Congress Heights shooting that also injured five others. Gun violence prevention activists say it’s time for change.


A tale of “two Americas

After a short window of record-low case counts, COVID infections are once again increasing in the DMV. The current rate of transmission is the highest it’s been since November 2020.


High demand for luxury high-rises

Demand for upscale apartments across the DC area is way up since the start of the year, with Capitol Hill, Navy Yard, and Southwest’s many recently-constructed buildings driving the trend. But rent prices are flat, thanks to local legislation that prohibits increases until the end of 2021.

  • Wait… so you’re telling us those predictions that COVID would kill cities were wrong?!


Banned under DC

Metro appears poised to temporarily ban people arrested for weapons or sex crimes on trains, buses, and in stations. Metro Transit Police are highlighting specific cases — like one where a man was arrested for indecent exposure twice in the same day — to promote the proposed new policy. But groups like the ACLU are troubled by the idea, saying that the public nature of transit makes these pre-conviction bans harder to justify than similar ones by private businesses, and it could just become an excuse to hassle people who fit "a description."

Also || Lee Highway renamed Langston Boulevard; quantifying urban heat disparities in US cities; not *just* jazz in the garden; preserving Maryland’s culinary history through maps; D.C. Asian Pacific American Film Festival returns; the child tax credit as a road out of poverty; people are going back to indoor workout classes; Nellie’s issues (ed. note: overdue) apology; a historic Black neighborhood grapples with whether to grow

Dragons, peacocks, oh my!

The Freer Gallery of Art is open! Visit the Peacock Room, see the world’s largest collection of Hokusai paintings & drawings, and more. Fridays-Tuesdays, 10 am–5:30 pm. Plan your visit!


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Emergency & You

Take the almost-midnight train

The Metro is running ’til midnight seven days a week. Hop on for a late-night ride, because you can. (And WMATA says we can look forward to an extra hour on weekend evenings, starting in the fall).


Learn to make a savory summer stew

Grab your tomatoes, corn, and okra and let Chef Domonique share a stellar summer recipe (5pm)


The Daily Show turns 25

Meet the women who created “The Daily Show,” and their first correspondents, for the show’s 25th birthday. Proceeds benefit the Abortion Access Front. (6pm)


The Cruelty is the Point

Adam Serwer discusses his new book — on the undercurrents that help explain Trump’s rise and following — with Dr. Ibram X. Kendi. (7pm)

Also || Women in Film & Video watch Roma, vax for kids

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